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Watch: Garth Brooks Nails ‘Amazing Grace’ Helping Fan Learn to Play Guitar

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Everyone has to start somewhere. Garth Brooks shows beginners how to play the guitar with a beautiful take of the song “Amazing Grace.”

On the latest episode of Inside Studio G, Brooks showed viewers how to play chords on the guitar. And he had the perfect song for them to practice with.

“Just finding easy stuff like ‘Row Row Row Your Boat.’ Anything just to get started,” Brooks said before breaking into a rendition of “Amazing Grace” for viewers. He suggested viewers try to play the song for themselves.

(Viewers can see Brooks take on the classic song at the 36 minute mark in the video).

Garth Brooks Urged Viewers to Learn the Guitar

“Basically three chords. You throw a little relative minor in there, which you will learn as it goes on,” Brooks said. He explained the more technical aspects of the song. “Makes the song gorgeous and beautiful and gives you a little variation. So it’s not the same thing over and over again.”

He suggested all viewers who are interested in the guitar to learn how to play. He compared the guitar to a lifelong friendship.

“But can I tell you, you’re picking up your best friend,” Brooks said. “You will. You can wear your friend’s a– out at 2 am in the morning calling and waking them up. Or you can take that guitar at 2 am in the morning when there’s nobody there and sit down with it. You two will love one another and create.

“It’s the best journey you can take. My advice to you is it’s like all great relationships,” Brooks continued. “Stick with it. Don’t cast it aside.”

It’s a friendship that Brooks has had for several decades so far. Breaking onto the country music scene in the 1980s, Brooks has had a successful career in the industry. During his career, he’s won the CMA Entertainer of the Year award a total of seven times.