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Watch: Garth Brooks Performs Acoustic Rendition of Ashley McBryde’s ‘Girl Goin’ Nowhere’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Anna Webber/Getty Images for HGTV

Garth Brooks performed a powerful, gender-swapped rendition of Ashley McBryde’s “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” for his fans. The song is featured on Brooks’ “Triple Live Deluxe,” which recently released. The album featured 30 songs taken from a combination of Brooks’ three year World Tour and 2019 Stadium Tour.

The singer performed songs from “Triple Live Deluxe” and his new album “Fun” on Amazon’s Music Live Series. Brooks also fielded requests and questions from audience members.

“Now these songs are new, and a lot of them I’ve never played before,” Brooks said before his performance. “I mean you go into the studio and play them. But there’s never been any call to play them until today. ‘Fun’ came out today and so did ‘Triple Live Deluxe.’ We’re going to a little bit of everything. People this is going to be fun.”

(Click here to watch Brooks’ performance starting at the 3:00 minute mark).

“For one, it’s just one of those goofy days,” Brooks said. “I’m going to apologize ahead of time, I’m in the goofiest of moods. So who knows what’s going to come out of the guitar and what the hell is going to come out of my mouth.”

Garth Brooks Explain the Backstory Behind the Song

Brooks revealed he played the song in Spokane, Washington after the crowd demanded several encores. He wasn’t sure what to play for them, but he thought of this song at the spur of the moment. “Girl Goin’ Nowhere” was released in 2018 as part of McBryde’s album of the same name.

“This came at a moment, I believe it was in Spokane kind of just out of songs,” Brooks said. “We were lucky enough to be there multiple nights. And it’s just one of those nights where they just weren’t going to quit. I think I left the stage two or three times then you sit up there and just start to sing. There’s this magic moment where they hear this song for the first time but it feels like they’ve known this song their whole life. It felt good to me and the guitar, and the magic couldn’t be denied on the tape.”

After his performance, a fan suggested Brooks duet the song with McBryde. The country singer had nothing but praise to say about her.

“Ashley McBryde, not only one of the sweetest human beings ever but one of the greatest songwriters to ever grace this town,” he said.