WATCH: Garth Brooks Rendered Speechless as Girl Belts His Song While Seated Right Next to Him

by Katie Maloney

Garth Brooks is moving us all to tears once again in this Facebook video.

It’s no secret that Garth Brooks is a country music icon. And if you’re a dedicated fan, it’s also no secret that Garth Brooks is a big teddy bear. He’s easily moved to tears by kindness and people’s sweet sentiments. So, this recent video is pretty on par with Garth Brooks’s lovable reactions.

One of Brooks’s songwriters and friends, Victoria Shaw, posted the video on her Facebook page. Shaw, her daughter, Garth Brooks, and a few others attended a songwriter show at Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. The video features Shaw and her daughter performing Garth Brooks’s song, “The River.” Shaw co-wrote the song with Brooks.

During the video, Shaw starts the song by singing and playing the piano. Then her young daughter jumps in and begins singing. As soon as Garth Brooks hears her sing, he throws his head back and covers his mouth in awe. You can even see him wipe away a few tears before singing back up, letting the young girl’s voice shine.

Along with the video, Shaw wrote, “Some more highlights of last night’s songwriter show at the Bluebird Cafe. I wish this was clearer because I love the look on Garth’s face while Ruby is singing! He hadn’t seen her in quite a few years.”

Garth Brooks’s ‘The River’ Was Indirectly Inspired By James Taylor

In 1992 “The River” became Garth Brooks’s ninth number-one hit song on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. To this day, the song inspires people to pursue their dreams. But what many people don’t know is that James Taylor helped Garth Brooks and songwriter Victoria Shaw write the song (in a way). During an interview in 2020, Shaw talked about how the song came to be.

Garth Brooks was at Shaw’s house in East Nashville for a songwriting session. But neither of them could come up with any good ideas. Finally, they decided to take a break and listen to some music for inspiration.

“Finally Garth said, ‘Let’s just take a break.  Put some music on. What are you into lately?’  I told him I had just bought the newest James Taylor album (“That’s Why I’m Here”) and so I put it on,” said Shaw.After a few minutes, Garth said, ‘I got it!  Turn it off.’  I turned off the CD and Garth started playing the first few lines on the guitar of ‘The River.'”

Shaw added that she wasn’t sure about one particular word in the song, but decided to trust Garth Brooks’ instincts.

“What I do remember debating is whether ‘vessel’ was the right word,” said Shaw. “I thought it sounded weird.  Garth loved it and felt extremely strong about it being ‘vessel.’ At the end of the day I decided to trust his instincts. . . Now ‘vessel’ is my FAVORITE word. It helped me pay for my kid’s education!”