Watch: Gary Allan Releases New ‘Waste of a Whiskey Drink’ Video

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images

Sitting down with a nice glass of whiskey and watching Gary Allan’s new video would not be a “Waste of a Whiskey Drink.”

Multi-platinum country music artist Gary Allan released the official video for his song “Waste of a Whiskey Drink” last night. The song was released in late September. Fans continue to wait for the name of the unreleased album that this song came from. They have been waiting for five years.

Allan Behind the Video

However, this song about giving away a shot to a girl at the end of the bar left his fans hooked. The song talks about how starting that relationship will only ruin your life in a few months. It encourages people to do the opposite of taking a chance on love.

“I know she looks like heaven, save yourself all the hell / Sit down that seven and seven, and just drink it yourself.”

The song is different than a lot of “alcohol” related country songs in that it encourages you to drink alone rather than live it up.

While the word “whiskey” seems to be a very stereotypical hot buzzword for the genre, many artists try to put a different spin on it.

According to The Country Daily, the video is directed by Peter Zavadil. The video is Allan at The Crying Wolf, a popular dive bar in East Nashville.

Many consider Allan’s voice to be reminiscent of the ’90s in that it is a more rock approach to country music. He is similar to artists like Luke Combs that try to intersect between the twang and the rock ‘n’ roll sounds in their music.

Allan also had a live chat on YouTube right before his video went live on Wednesday.

In addition to making new music, Allan has found a passion for making and selling jewelry. On his website, he has pieces inspired by his music, high-end fine jewelry, and original designs.

He makes everything from rings to bracelets to necklaces. They all possess that same level of unique, edgy-rocker vibes that includes a lot of skulls. Some also have his signature on the back.

The unique pieces might be the perfect gift for huge Gary Allan fans this holiday season.