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WATCH: George Strait Belts About His Favorite Tequila in His 2019 ‘Codigo’ Music Video

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media)

George Strait is a man of many talents. He’s had 60 No. 1 hits, more than any other performer in history. Strait has also sold more than 100 million records worldwide, has won a Grammy, and has won countless CMA and ACM Awards. The Texas King ropes and rides horses, too.

But in 2017, George Strait added tequila investor to his impressive resume. What’s more, he even has a song about his liquid libation named “Código.” The tequila’s name, Código 1530, translates to “code” which refers to the tradition of the company’s tequila-making techniques.

The King of Country Music loves his tequila so much, that he recorded a music video for the song that’s on his 2019 album Honky Tonk Time Machine. This is the first music video the Strait’s released in several years.

Strait’s “Código” video features him speaking Spanish to an “old friend.” Then the two share the guitar tracks as they both play, and Strait sings about his love for his tequila.

“I’m talkin’ ’bout Codigo / I take it with me everywhere I go / Best tequila, baby, don’t you know / A little sip and you’re ready to roll,” Strait sings in the chorus.

George Strait is ‘Proud’ of Tequila Brand

Some might say that his smooth, singing voice and this newer endeavor go hand-in-hand. Strait is proud to be apart of the tequila brand. 

“I’d decided to make a music video for my song ‘Código’ and I wanted to do it down in Mexico at our distillery. So, while we were there, we decided to do a little sampling,” Strait tells Cowboys & Indians in an interview.

The lyrics depict that, as well as the music video. “They make it down in Mexico / A little state called Jalisco / Where the beautiful agaves grow / I’m talkin’ ’bout Codigo”

This tequila is fit for the King. Strait explains that he knew that right from the start. “We knew we had a very special product and just needed to give it some exposure,” he continues.

And how does the King of Country music prefer his tequila? “I prefer it straight,” he says. Spoken like a man true to his name.

Moreover, George Strait explains how Código 1530 is best enjoyed.

“Most all special occasions go well with Código 1530, whether it’s just a shot to put an exclamation mark on it, or you’re relaxing with it straight up on ice, like me,” Strait admits.