WATCH: Gwen Stefani Jokes About Blake Shelton’s ‘Disgusting’ Truck

by Thad Mitchell

With her new hit single out, pop icon Gwen Stefani is making the media rounds to promote her new work.

The recently released “Let Me Reintroduce Myself” is doing quite well, heading directly to the top spot shortly after its release. The former No Doubt lead singer also put a video for the single on New Year’s Day that took in much attention. Stefani has noted she felt inspired to write “uplifting” style music in light of recent events affecting the world.

Stefani Joined the Tonight Show to talk about her new song with show host Jimmy Fallon.

After spending time talking with Fallon about her latest musical offering, the conversation shifts to her engagement. Stefani got engaged to country music star Blake Shelton in October of last year. Shelton proposed to her at his ranch in Oklahoma, which is also where the couple plans to tie the knot. The country singer built a chapel on his ranch just for the occasion.

The “Holla Back Girl” and “Don’t Speak” singer talks about events leading up to Shelton’s proposal. She says it came as a total surprise to her and her family, some of which were attendance of the event.

Gwen Stefani Talks Blake Shelton’s Marriage Proposal

While she is obviously thrilled to be marrying her Prince Charming, Stefani tells Fallon that Blake could have found a better spot to keep the ring before placing it on her finger. Shelton kept the ring in the side of his truck, which she jokingly refers to as “disgusting.”

“Blake has this ring in the side of his truck,” she recalls. “And when I say the side of his truck — like his truck is disgusting. It’s like things falling out and total, like, rugged man stuff.”

Fallon responds by telling Stefani that her fiance once made fun of his truck because there was no mud on it. Stefani was not surprised at her husband-to-be’s comments and further describes Shelton’s truck.

“There is a lot junk in it and dirt,” she says. “So the fact that the ring was in the side of the door…it could just fall out.”