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WATCH: Hank Williams Jr. Talks About His Love for Hunting and Fishing in 1989

by Katie Maloney
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Hank Williams Jr. is more than just a musician. He’s a man of the wild and has a passion for hunting and fishing in Montana.

During a documentary about Williams, Hank Williams Jr. Full Access, he guides viewers through a day in his life on his Montana ranch. As the music plays, Williams serenely describes his mountain views during drives around his property.

“This is probably the place that I love more than any other place in the world,” says Williams about Montana. “There’s not many folks out here. And there’s a lot of hunting and fishing,” continues Williams.

Williams reveals exactly when he knew that Montana was the place for him. He says that he was about 17 years-old playing a show in Butte, Montana when he visited a mutual friend in Big Hole.

“I came up and saw him. And that time we drove around. We saw elk, we saw moose,” says Williams. “And that’s when a teenage Hank Williams Jr. knew that Montana was going to be the place for him,” he says.

Hank Williams Jr. talks about love for Montana.

Montana Inspires Hank Williams Jr. To Write Songs

Although he was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, Williams fell in love with Montana at a young age. After purchasing his first home there in 1975, Williams soon purchased two more homes in the state. Williams says that his love for the area stems from its ability to provide him with his favorite hobbies.

“Some people like to waterski, some people like to play tennis, some people like to sit around in country clubs and sip martinis,” says Williams. “Some people like to hunt and fish and make belt buckles and pistol grips, and write songs, and try to trap a red fox. I’m one of those people,” Williams proudly declares.

The wild and natural state even inspired Williams to write several songs including, “Montana Song.” During the song, he sings, “Oh Lord that would be quite a change for a country boy like me. Up there in the snowdrifts right up to my knees. And as I warm my hands by the fire I’d have to fight off the great desire. To call that girl and ask her to come out here for a while. I’m going to Montana to spend the winter.”

Hank Williams Jr. performs “Montana Song”