WATCH: Jake Owen Thinks He Spotted a UFO or ‘Santa Early’ in New Post

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for dcp)

Something strange is going on over Jake Owen’s Tennessee farm.

It’s a beautiful and unseasonably warm night in the Volunteer State. So many of us locals have been out stargazing, including Jake Owens. But while Jake was looking into the great unknown, he noticed something amiss. And he posted about it on Twitter.

“Yoooooo…. Y’all am I crazy or did I just see a UFO or Santa early,” he captioned next to a short clip. “… just filmed this at the farm. It was hard to get focused. Then disappeared… moved slowly and no sound.”

The video he shot shows a bizarre plume of smoke coming from some sort of flying craft. And the country crooner is right—the sight looks like something out of The X-Files.

Jake Owen’s Followers Also Spotted the UFO

To make the situation even more strange, quite a few of Jake Owen’s fans saw the same unidentified craft flying over their own homes.

“DUDE!!! I just saw and thought the same damn thing!!” @BrandiBurelson, who also lives in Nashville, commented. “Legit was like is that Santa??” She even uploaded a video for proof.

Shortly after Brandi posted her clip, a fan from Indiana and another from Southwest Virginia said they saw the plume as well. There was also a spotting in Iowa and Knoxville.

And a third Tennessean wrote, “I saw it in Nashville! Just posted it.”

Quite a few of Jake Owens followers went on to guess that the supposed alien spaceship was actually a Starlink satellite. And apparently, the sighting is making headlines. Some evening news channels reported on the situation tonight. One fan’s ” local news called it the Starlink satellite array.”

But no one from the Tell Me singer’s thread was convinced Starlink was the answer. A handful of people said they’ve seen the satellites in person, and they noted that they travel in packs.

“It looks like there are 2 UFOs? The line & a ball of light below it maybe?” wrote @BaltimorePeace. “It doesn’t look like Starlink Satellites, they move in a group.”

Hopefully, whatever Jake and his followers saw was just doing a fly-by—the 2020s have been strange enough as is (and we don’t need an alien invasion).

Unless of course it really is Santa. Because in that case, we hope we get a glimpse of the jello-bellied legend, too. And he can do practice runs as often as he likes.