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WATCH: Jason Aldean Remembers Being a Pepsi Delivery Guy Before Nashville Fame

by Jacklyn Krol
Paras Griffin, Getty Images

Jason Aldean wasn’t always a famous country superstar, he was once an Average Joe!

In an interview posted to his Instagram account to promote his upcoming album, Macon, he spoke about his delivery days. He spoke of a friend who passed away a few years ago who helped him get his big break in music. That man was actually a fellow Pepsi delivery driver who would give him days off so he could perform in Florida on the weekends.

“I got to be really good friends with him,” Jason Aldean said. “His name was Tommy Powell.” Aside from playing music, the pair also frequently golfed together.

“On Friday we would throw the golf clubs in the truck, go deliver the drinks,” he continued. “Then we’d play nine holes real quick before we took the truck back. Then we were off for the weekend.”

“Where a lot of people wouldn’t give me the time off to do things with music, he was always one of those guys who supported that,” he added. “He would let me take off whenever I needed to. It worked out really well.”

Aldean began working at the Georgia Pepsi plant when he was just seventeen. He then graduated to a delivery man.

“I was the guy that rode around in a truck and delivered drinks to all the convenience stores, so this was kind of my backup plan,” he said per Taste of Country. “The truck didn’t have any air conditioning in it in the summertime.”

All About ‘Macon’ By Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean’s upcoming record is all about revisiting his hometown roots. He was born and grew up in Macon, Georgia. Macon drops on April 22 with thirty new songs. Additionally, the album will also feature his hit duet with Carrie Underwood.

” [Aldean] runs the gamut from straight-up stadium rockers to bluesy barstool ballads, peppered with modern embellishments and all the chest-thumping small-town pride his fans have come to crave,” said album producer Michael Knox in a press release.

The album title for his tenth and eleventh studio albums was a no-brainer. The town was also home to the greats like Otis Redding and The Allman Brothers.

“I kinda always felt like where I grew up and where I was from, ya know, had such a big impact on me as a person and a really big impact on music,” he said. “I mean, growing up there it was a hotbed for music. For me, it sorta shaped my music and things that I like to sing about.”

Some of the album will take him back to his younger years and bring all of the nostalgia.

“Me and my friends, we were like every other teenager,” he said. “We’d go out and try to score some beers somewhere and go ride around and try to get into a little trouble but just enough to where you didn’t get caught.”