WATCH: Jason Aldean Spending New Year’s on the Beach with His ‘Boo Thang’

by Katie Maloney

Jason Aldean shared a video of himself with his wife, Brittany Kerr, during a beach vacation. And now we’re all jealous.

We can’t think of a better way to escape in 2020 and start a new year than to take a trip to the beach. That’s exactly what Aldean and his wife did to celebrate New Years. Aldean posted a photo to Twitter and wrote, “Spending New Years on the beach this year with my boo thang.”

Jason Aldean Releases Wife-Approved New Music

With extra time on their hands during quarantine, many artists have been releasing new music. Taylor Swift dropped two albums, Paul McCartney released his third solo album, and Aldean followed suit releasing his single, “Got What I Got.” Aldean released the song earlier this year giving fans some much-needed musical therapy at the beginning of the pandemic. Even his wife likes the song – which isn’t always the case, according to Aldean. Aldean said, during an interview, that his wife enjoys pop more so than rock or country music. So, she’s not always a fan of his songs. However, she gave “Got What I Got,” the thumbs up.

“I knew she was gonna love that one,” says Aldean.

“She likes more of the pop-sounding stuff. She’s kind of a hip-hop fan — not a big fan of rock ‘n roll, so she doesn’t like ‘We Back’ and ‘The Same Way.’ Those kind of things are not really her jam.” Aldean adds, “‘Got What I Got’ is probably her favorite song on there.”

The music video even features the happy couple at their beach home. If “Boo Thang” likes it, we’ll give it a listen!

Jason Aldean’s “Got What I Got.”

Although he hasn’t released any more details, Aldean did post a photo on Instagram recently of himself in the studio. Along with the photo, he wrote “Back in the studio this week laying vocals down on the new album. Can’t wait for u guys to hear what we are workin on.” A new Aldean album would be the New Years miracle we all need.