WATCH: Jessie James Decker Lets Out ‘Happy Tears’ as She Hears Her New Song on the Radio for First Time

by Jonathan Howard

Some things never get old. For Jessie James Decker, hearing her new single on the radio was like being on the radio for the first time. With the new song, Should Have Known Better, Decker is back on the airwaves and ready to make a big impact.

Most of us haven’t had a single play on the radio. So, it is hard to understand what Decker is going through in the video she posted to Instagram. Sitting in her car with her husband, Eric Decker, the country music singer got to hear her song for the first time. Sirius XM station, The Highway, put the record on just in time for her to catch it.

Wearing one of her Kittenish brand shirts, Jessie James Decker sat in her car waiting. “My song SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER was JUST played on @sxcthehighway!” her Instagram post read. “Hearing this song for the first time on the radio brought such happy tears to my eyes!” It’s a great video and her husband gives her the best support.

During the video, Eric says, “You’re back baby!” Which is very true. Since releasing a Christmas album back in 2018 she hasn’t released an album. In 2019 she recorded two singles, Roots and Wings, as well as, Old Town Road. The former landed 24th on the US Country Digital charts. As for Jessie’s feelings about the song, she is excited to get it out to people on tour.

“Thank y’all so much for supporting me! I can’t wait to sing this song to you in person on tour next year!!!!!!!!” she said near the end of her post. So, while things are going a little slower than some fans might want, next year could be the year for Jessie James Decker.

Jessie James Decker Away From Music

In the last few years, Jessie James Decker has been performing and slowly releasing new music. However, she and her husband have also been focusing on family and other projects. Of course, the two have been reality television stars. Decker has also launch Kittenish, her clothing line. Back in February of 2019, she opened her first brick-and-mortar location in Nashville. Destin, Florida is home to the second location.

Unfortunately, her youngest child, her son Forrest, had some medical issues earlier in the year. He had trouble breathing and any time he caught a cold his health took a turn for the worst. However, after careful visits to the doctor, they got a diagnosis to work with. Asthma. For such a young kid, asthma can be hard. So, he gets daily treatments and they are hoping he grows out of it eventually.

Being a mom and having a family is a full-time job. While being a country music star can take one away from that family for extended periods of time. It’s great Jessie James Decker has focused so much on family, but with new music out fans are excited to see her back on stage next year.