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Watch: Jimmie Allen Crushes Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ for #MovieSongChallenge

by Madison Miller
Photo Credit: Jason Kempin/Getty Images

“I’ll never let go.” At least, that’s what fans are saying about the Jimmie Allen cover on Twitter of “My Heart Will Go On.”

The country music artist used the hashtag #moviesongchallenge and appears standing in his house with a Harry Potter shirt and a glass of what is possibly some kind of whiskey.

In the 52 second clip, the singer is covering the iconic Celine Dion song that appears in the heartbreaking “Titanic” movie from 1997.

He navigates the expansive vocal range of Dion with interesting high notes. The singer proves just how powerful he is by navigating between falsetto and his normal rich voice.

He uses his R&B, country-style voice to present a unique version of the hit.

Reactions from Fans

Fans were quick to praise Allen for his rendition of the hit song.

Andrew Baylis, a song writer and producer, tweeted curious as to what Allen was drinking.

Allen responded “Makers.”So Allen was in fact enjoying some bourbon whiskey.

Then Brent Michaels, a CMA and ACM nominated radio personality, expressed just how moving the song clip was.

Another fan asked which Hogwarts house he was in, to which he responded Slytherin. Other fans urged him to cover and record the entire song in the future.

It appears that Allen may be the only country star taking on the #moviesongchallenge so far, however now maybe other artists will start to perform key hits from movies.

Maybe Harry Potter is his next #MovieSongChallenge.

Allen Celebrates the Holidays

Allen is celebrating the holidays by releasing “What Does Christmas Mean” with Louis York and The Shindellas.

The artists released the song on Nov. 21. The song is a rendition of the 2017 version, now including Allen on the track as well.

The song will be performed at the 93rd annual Nashville Christmas Parade, which is airing virtually on Dec. 5 at 9 a.m CT.

“Adding Jimmie’s flare to this modern Christmas classic is like putting the star on top of the Christmas tree … This song is guaranteed to get you out of your seat and on your feet for a good ole time!” The Shindellas said according to Rated R&B.