WATCH: Jimmy Buffett Reveals Soundcheck Video of Him and James Taylor Performing

by Jon D. B.

Throwback to the not-so-distant past with Jimmy Buffett as he soundchecks “Son of a Sailor” with James Taylor in 2016.

2016 feels a solid lifetime ago, doesn’t it? So much has happened since then, including the worst pandemic in modern history. While we continue to fight said pandemic, any little glimmer of joy is a welcomed distraction.

Thankfully, American icon Jimmy Buffett is here to do just that for us today. Taking to his official Twitter account, country’s most prolific “beach bum” is sharing a throwback soundcheck with his friend and fellow legend, James Taylor.

“Missing sound checks & we need more [James Taylor] an’ JB on stage together!” Buffett captions the video. Within, the two soundcheck one of Buffet’s all-time best – if not the best of his catalog – “Son of a Sailor”. These two may not be a match most would make right off the bat, but their unique timbres make for excellent harmonies. Besides, who else in music history has produced more laid-back grooves than these two?

The soundcheck comes courtesy of their 2016 concert, “Holiday in Brooklyn.” The show took place at Barclay’s Center in the NYC borough just four years ago. Though, as stated, it sure feels like decades have passed.

Jimmy Buffett: Still Going Strong

Ready for more Jimmy Buffett? Who isn’t? Thankfully, the feel-good legend of all legends hasn’t slowed down a bit since 2016. Now? He’s been hard at work on a new album featuring updated recordings of some beloved Buffett classics.

Buffett also hit fans on Twitter recently with a clip from one of these brand new recordings.

“Tin Cup Chalice – Songs You Don’t Know by Heart – THE ALBUM!” Buffett tweets. Sounds like he’s as excited as his fans for this new set of licks. “Songs You Don’t Know by Heart” will be the coastal icon’s latest album to feature old classics.

“Here’s a clip from the recording session last month in Sag Harbor,” Buffett continues, leading on to the goods. Within the tweet, he includes a video of himself playing “Tin Cup Chalice” in the studio. Give the clip a listen below, Parrotheads, and see how the maestro’s latest recording of this oldie hits you:

Buffet is now providing the link to purchase the new album, as well, as it has just released.

In addition, if you listen all the way to the end of his clip, Buffett makes a touching tribute. “Thank you Jerry Jeff Walker,” he says. Walker, of course, left us in 2020 at the age of 78 after an amazing life in the music industry.

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