WATCH: Johnny Cash’s Son John Carter Cash Reveals Father’s Handwritten Lyrics in ‘Forever Words’ Release

by Halle Ames

Today, the works of the legendary Johnny Cash are being released by his son John Carter Cash and other notable artists.

The long-anticipated Forever Words Expanded album is being released today.

Johnny Cash continued to create music until his death in 2003. Since the passing of the 71-year-old icon, his handwritten lyrics have gone untouched and unrecorded, until now.

John Carter Cash Creating Forever Words

Johnny Cash and June Carter’s only son, John Carter Cash, wanted to give his father’s words a new life. He sought out some of the best talents in the entertainment industry and set their voices to Cash’s lyrics, creating the iconic album.

“My father’s music, his legacy, carry on,” states John Carter Cash. “His lyrics also stand strong. He is an icon of American culture, but he is also a poet. Forever, we could say that the words would be with us, and they may as well be. Many of his lyrics were unpublished, and when he passed away, it came to me as a great idea to look through these lyrics that no one had seen. That no one has really looked through. What’s beautiful. What would he appreciate now? What strength is there, within these words that carries on and can carry on.”

John Carter Cash reveals that his father has thousands of songs and lyrics written down. He tirelessly went through them all and selected the best of the bunch. Carter Cash also explains how he chose the artist who would be featured on the Forever Words album.

“Going through all of these, out of the sum 2,000 plus pages of handwritten documents, there were 70 or 80 that stood out as being very strong. Working with different artists, put together the original release Forever Words, and carried on making more music and bringing more lyrics to other artists. People that I believed in. Some of my father‘s friends and then some that I believe he would have loved their music or been inspired by their creativity and connected with them.”

Bringing a Family Together

The 51-year-old producer, describes how this process has brought him closer to his father, even after his passing. John Carter Cash says everyone involved felt his spirit.

“Through this process, I truly got to know my father better. I came in closer contact with him, with his spirit, with the movement that is his legacy. Looking at Forever Words as being a unique work that it has a beginning point and that we are now at the end, but looking back through the whole process, I know that each and every person that was involved in the creation of this music was connected with my father and connected with his poetry and his soul.”

Artists that were part of the album include Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, Runaway June, Rosanne Cash, and others. Fans can find the link to the songs here for Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Store, and Amazon Music.