WATCH: Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings Are All Smiles as Their Wives Serenade Them

by Suzanne Halliburton

What fun! Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, plus their better halves, sat down for a relaxed kind of singing session, although it was all done in front of TV cameras.

They gave us a glimpse of their friendship. Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings had been buds for years. They sang together and even were roommates in the mid-1960s. This time, Johnny and wife June Carter Cash made an appearance on the Waylon Jennings and Friends variety show. Jennings’ wife Jessi Colter was there, too.

On the show, the four relaxed in an intimate, living room-type set. Apparently, it was June Carter Cash’s idea for the women to serenade their favorite men. The women were at least as talented as their partners.

And through it all, June Carter Cash was playful, bantering with both Johnny Cash and Jennings. She told Jennings: “Just don’t talk, don’t say anything, Waylon. Don’t breathe, don’t say anything. Just be dark black. (Jennings was dressed in dark clothing).

Colter Sang First to Johnny Cash, Prompting Jennings to Joke About Divorce

Colter sang first. She first turned to Johnny Cash, then her husband, prompting Jennings to quip: “I was a little worried there. It’s a terrible place to find out about a divorce.”

Colter called Johnny and June “two of the very best songwriters in this business …. artists and two of our very favorite people.”

Jessi Colter, like her husband, was part of the outlaw country genre. She also did collaborations with her husband, much like Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.

She sang to Johnny Cash: “Yes, you did hang that moon, didn’t you, Johnny. You walk into the room and it lights up like the sun. Every step you take you make the way for someone. And I know you’d never do me wrong.”

She sang another verse for Waylon.

June Carter Cash then sang a song she wrote. The words: “Waylon, you are a friend of mine. You’ve been a friend of mine a long, long time. Waylon, since you were 17, you were young and mean, but you could sing. Waylon, you are a friend of mine.”

And her song to Johnny Cash: “I’ll always love you. You always will be mine forever and always til the end of time. Til the mountains split open with the weight of sun, we’ll rise up together as one.”

Colter is the lone survivor of this fabulous group of friends. Jennings died in 2002 of complications related to diabetes. June Carter Cash died the following year after undergoing heart surgery. Johnny Cash passed away four months after his wife. Like Jennings, his death also was related to diabetes.

Check out the happy exchanges between the four: