WATCH: Jon Pardi Shows Off His Dog’s Digs on Tour Bus, Recent Concert Highlights

by Jonathan Howard

When out on the road, Jon Pardi has to have his best friend with him. Recently the country star showed off his dog’s lifestyle on the tour bus. Not only that, but he also shared some great concert highlights. Pardi isn’t given enough credit for how great of a performer he is.

After giving his dog a good night’s dinner, what appears to be kibble, Pardi gets to playing. “Not impressed…same dog food he eats every day,” he says to Cowboy, his red heeler, in the video. Country music and good dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, it makes sense that Pardi brings his dog along with him.

Currently, out on tour, it looks like a good time if this video is any indication.

With tour dates running all the way through November, there are plenty of opportunities to see Jon Pardi live. Always putting on a good show, Pardi will throw all sorts of stuff to the crowd. Picks, drum sticks, and more. The energy of the shows looks unreal. The country star goes to great lengths to meet his fans where they are.

As the tour continues on, later this month Pardi heads out west. In between doing shows in Idaho and Oregon, he has a date in Alaska. Of course, the tour revolves heavily around state fairs as the summer comes to an end.

Jon Pardi Has Been Rocking 2021

While Jon Pardi’s tour was sidelined early, he has come back very strong. Earlier in the tour, he had to cancel three dates in June in order to rest his voice. Doctor’s orders. Since then, he has been rocking venues and playing great shows.

On top of playing shows like the Music City Grand Prix and state fairs all across the country, Pardi has been recording too. One of the songs he released this year was a Metallica cover. With the 30th anniversary of the Black Album, multiple artists recorded covers from the legendary album. Pardi’s contribution was a rendition of Wherever I May Roam. The country-rock cover delighted fans.

For real fans of Jon Pardi, they know he is no stranger to rock mashups. Back in 2016, Pardi rocked out a cover of You Shook Me All Night Long. He is not afraid to push his boundaries and bend genres a bit. With a voice and talent like he has, who can blame him? Pardi heads to the Barefoot Country Music Fest in Wildwood, New Jersey. Then he heads out west for a slate of state fairs from Alaska to Nebraska.