WATCH: Jon Pardi Spreads Christmas Cheer with ‘Santa Claus Is Back in Town’ Cover

by Will Shepard

Country star Jon Pardi delivers a wonderfully country version of “Santa Claus Is Back in Town.” Pardi claims that this song is the best Christmas song ever.

It may just be the case now that Pardi has his country version out for public consumption. In this unique version of the popular Christmas song, he puts his classic twang to work.

Pardi joyously sings the lyrics as he plucks his guitar. Certainly, this song is only getting better with Pardi’s touch on it.

Jon Pardi and “Pardi Time”

Earlier this year, in October, CMT announced that they are releasing an eight-episode show featuring Pardi. They call the show “Pardi Time.” And more importantly, there are still episodes left.

In the Instagram post, CMT says they are wrapping up the Pardi Christmas special. So, look forward to that coming out shortly.

The show is an exclusive look into Pardi’s life. There are lots of segments that showcase just how hilarious the singer-songwriter is.

CMT’s Senior Director of Digital and Social, Melissa Goldberg talks about how the documentary series is fun to film. Additionally, the show is getting excellent feedback.

“We were lucky enough to work with Jon on our first episode of ‘Off The Road.’ A mini [documentary] that was completely self-shot by Jon in early April. After seeing the first round of footage, we had a hunch that fans would love it – and they did! The feedback was incredible, but we knew there was so much more for fans to see.”

Goldberg also talks about how easy the newly minted Christmas singer is to work with. Pardi’s extraordinary personality is certainly evident in the clip of him singing and carries over to filming the series.

“Jon is an incredible star and creative partner, and we are so excited to show off more of his dynamic personality. We know our CMT fans will love taking a peek into his home life, resonate with his authenticity, and get a kick out of his crazy antics.”

Additionally, “Pardi Time” is a real-time capturing of the country star’s daily goings-on. Even though it is handpicked bits, it is still worth the watch.