Watch: Jon Pardi’s Fiancé Summer Admits His Worst Habit

by Halle Ames

Jon Pardi and his fiancé, Summer, join “The Bobby Bones Show” to take on the radio host, Bobby Bone and his fiancé Caitlin for the Newlywed Game.

The battle of the couples took place on the air today. Each pair was asked a question, and they had to write down their answers on a whiteboard. If both people get it correct, then that couple gets a point.

Question one: First Kiss

The first question asked to the radio and music couple was where their first kiss happened.

The future Pardi’s both answered the question correctly with “Denver, Colorado.” More specifically, Summer writes the back of Jon’s tour bus where they go into detail about how it was a little more romantic than just a groupie on a bus scenario.

The Bones couple both got the answer correct as well, with “in an Uber in LA.”

Question Two: Fiancé Shoe Size

The next question asks the men in the relationships to name their fiancé’s shoe size.

The Bones answered first, and both of their boards revealed: “8”—another point for the couple.

The Pardi’s were more impressive, with both answering “8 ½ -9”. The couples are still tied two to two.

Question Three: Worst Habit of Fiancé

Question number three asked the woman to name their fiancé’s worst habit.

Again, the Pardis get a point by both answering “dirty clothes on the floor” as the singer’s worst habit.

Bobby and Caitlin flip their boards at the same time, which say, “weighing yourself.”

Question Four: Arguing

For question number four, the couples were asked what they were most likely to argue about.

The Pardi duo gets their first answer wrong. Jon writes down, “Christmas decorations,” while Summer says “big t-shirts.” She explains that Jon gets mad that she wears bagging clothing.

On the other hand, the Bones receive a point for their answers of their “house temperature” getting under their skin. They have taken the lead four to three.

Question Five: Favorite Podcast

The next question asks the men what her favorite podcast is.

Jon and Summer answer the “Bobby Bones Show” as their favorite podcast.

In addition, the Bones respond with another correct answer of “The Morning Toast.”

Question Six: Phone-a-Friend

Question six asks the women, “If he was on ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,’ who would his phone-a-friend be?”

The Pardis hold up their boards to reveal “Senior” in reference to Jon’s father.

Bobby and Caitlin give the same answer, but with a little variation. Bobby simply answers, “Matt Jones from Kentucky Sports Radio,” however, Caitlin says, “Matt Jones, even though they have met twice.” The other people in the booth go nuts as the couple holds their lead at six to five.

Question Seven: Favorite Food of Fiancé

The final question asks Bobby and Jon what food their fiancés would eat for the rest of their lives.

Jon and Summer get the question correct by both answering “Taco Bell.”

The Bones need to get the question wrong, so they go to a tiebreaker. However, they prove to be unstoppable as Caitlin’s favorite food is “Chips and queso.”

The Bones take the win by one point against the country singer and his soon-to-be wife.