WATCH: Josh Turner and Wife Adorably Recreate ‘Your Man’ Video 15 Years After Release

by Emily Morgan

We’re tearing up after Josh Turner, and his wife recreated one of his most well-known love songs 15 years after its original release. 

Josh Turner and his wife, Jennifer, recreated the music video for his beloved song, “Your Man,” 15 years after Turner released the track. To celebrate the 15th anniversary, Turner dropped a special deluxe edition of his Your Man record. 

“I don’t think anybody has done this, where the same people go back and recreate the video from 15 years prior, in the same location,” Turner said about the recreation in a recent interview with People magazine. “When I saw the first edit, I just sat there, and I was speechless. I was thinking, this is kind of crazy looking. Once you think you’ve done it all, you haven’t.”

Josh Turner and his wife tied the knot way back in 2003. Now, four kids later, it’s a safe bet life has changed a lot for the family. The evolution of his family is evident in the new music video, which depicts flashbacks to the couple’s early days when Turner was a struggling country music singer and before the couple welcomed their children. 

Josh Turner & Wife Update ‘Your Man’ for 15th Anniversary

“Obviously being 15 years later, we are with children and life has changed for us. A lot has happened. And so, it was cool, you know, not just on a professional level, but a personal level to look back and appreciate that kind of stuff.”

As dedicated fans will point out, the updated video is very similar to the original. It also features several clips from it. However, they added a new scene in which they FaceTime their children at home after a date night away. Although it wasn’t easy at the beginning for Tuner and his family, they’ve grown together and felt lucky to have overcome struggles together. 

“We’ve had a lot of challenges and hurdles that we had to overcome, but we’ve just continued to do what God’s called us to do. Our God never promises that it will be easy. So, we just keep pressing forward and taking it one day at a time.”

Way back in 2006, “Your Man” was Josh Turner’s No. 11 single. The track was co-penned by Jace Everett, Chris DuBois, and Chris Stapleton.

Before then, the South Carolina native first made his way to the country music scene in 2003 with his breakout single “Long Black Train.” Afterward, he and followed it up with a string of hits such as “Why Don’t We Just Dance,” “Time is Love,” and “Hometown Girl.” 

However, after Turned ascended to fame, Turner remained committed to staying grounded. The Your Man Deluxe Edition features all 11 original tracks, including projects with country music legends like John Anderson, Dr. Ralph Stanley, and Diamond Rio’s Marty Roe, Gene Johnson, and Dana Williams. It also includes live versions of “Your Man,” “Me and God,” and the chart-topping hit “Would You Go with Me.”