WATCH: Justin Moore Gets Spa Treatment from Daughter in Adorable Video

by John Jamison

Following the release of his album “Straight Outta the Country” in April, Justin Moore looks to be taking some family time as he shares a heartwarming moment with his daughter. In one of the most adorable videos you’ll ever see, the country star’s daughter makes sure her dad is pretty as can be for his upcoming shows.

In the video, Justin lays back as his daughter practices her beautician skills on him. Complete with a headband to keep his hair back, she applies a moisturizing facemask that barely fits Moore’s face. Sorry Justin, it just comes with the territory of raising girls.

“It stinks and it tastes bad,” Moore says as his daughter tries stretching the mask to cover his face, earning a giggle.

“Because it don’t fit you!” She laughs. “I’ll just take it off and then scrub it with you.” She proceeds to peel off the mask, ball it up, and scrub it all over Justin Moore’s face.

“That’s freezing, lemme tell you,” he says. “W-w-what are you scrubbing on me? No, what is this?

“A facemask!” She replies. Duh, Justin. “It’s meant to be on your face for 15 or 20 minutes. But you don’t want it.”

Justin Moore Taking Advantage of Quarantine to Spend Time with Family

The life of a country music star is an extremely busy one. So it’s nice to see moments like these where they’re able to spend some quality time with the family. The lack of travel and the postponement of shows, while unfortunate, has been one of the few silver linings to an otherwise devastating pandemic.

In a November 2020 interview with Country 92.9, Justin Moore talked about how these moments are some of his favorite parts of fatherhood.

“You know, my favorite part about being a dad … it’s really hard to pick one thing that is my favorite, but just being at home with ‘em. We have to travel so much that any time I have the chance to be around and be at home with ‘em, whether it’s coachin’ a ballgame, or whether it’s sittin’ on the couch watching a movie, or whatever, just the time that we get to spend together, we really try to take advantage and make the most of because we don’t have as much as some other people have that have quote-unquote normal jobs.”