WATCH: Keith Urban Shreds Rendition of ‘Long Hot Summer’ at 2011 Billboard Music Awards

by Jennifer Shea

Singer and songwriter Keith Urban really rocked outperforming his song “Long Hot Summer” at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. And the crowd – including, in the front row, actress Nicole Kidman – totally loved it. 

Keith Urban Sings About Summer Romance

Urban co-wrote the song with Richard Marx. It’s the third single from his 2010 album Get Closer. And it takes the form of a proposal for a summer romance with someone he can’t get out of his mind.

The music video for the song debuted on Aug. 15, 2011. “Long Hot Summer” hit No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart during October of 2011.

Urban and Kidman’s romance began in 2005 after they met at a gala, according to People. Urban has said he was grappling with sobriety at that point, and meeting Kidman upped the ante. 

“She’s just the one. She’s the one that I was searching for my whole life, and everything not only changed but had to change in me if I was gonna go that road,” Urban said. “It was like the ultimate fork in the road moment in my life, and it was literally like you either get this right now or you are never, ever gonna get it right. This is your one shot.”

Apparently he did get it right, because the couple have been together for many long hot summers and long cold winters since.

And this Christmas, the couple even performed a song together – “I’ll Be Your Santa Tonight” – as a holiday greeting to their fans, per Fox News.

“I just want to take a second and wish everybody a very merry Christmas, happy holidays, wherever you’re watching this right now, from our family to yours,” Urban said after singing the song. It may be past the season, but we love it all the same.

“We love you, we send our love,” Kidman chimed in, as Urban strummed his guitar. 

The video drew hundreds of thousands of views and likes on Instagram.

Urban Is ‘Very Chilled’

But it’s not all honeymoons and holidays for the couple. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Urban wishes Kidman would slow down a bit in her professional life and frequently urges her to take on less.

“Keith is very chilled,” Kidman said. “He can tell me, ‘Listen baby, why not pull back on that?’ And I’ll kind of nod and listen and then I won’t necessarily do what he says.” 

Even if Kidman doesn’t always follow Urban’s advice, she’s still his biggest fan, even though the concert-less pandemic months. And that will get him through many more long hot summers in the future.

Watch Urban’s performance here: