WATCH: Kelly Clarkson Absolutely Nails Cover of One of Keith Urban’s Early Hits

by Jonathan Howard

If you don’t know, you’re about to know. Kelly Clarkson can sing anything – anything – and her latest is a Keith Urban cover. When it comes to covers, Clarkson is redefining the genre with her “Kellyoke” (Kelly-Karaoke). She hasn’t had a bad one since she started doing it as part of her talk show.

In the past, she’s gone into other genres. Rock, R&B, and more. However, when she turns her attention and talent to a country music song, it can be special. She chose a great Urban classic, Raining On Sunday.

When it comes to great performances, sometimes there is only so much that you can say about it. Outsiders, y’all just have to see this for yourself. Check out the video below and see it for yourself.

Kelly Clarkson isn’t afraid of any song and while it was a condensed version, I’m sure that Keith Urban would be happy with the performance. Her fans absolutely love these videos and covers, and that’s for good reason.

One thing that Clarkson fans are going to have to get used to, though, is a change to her other show. She has been on The Voice as a judge and coach for many seasons, but next season won’t feature the singer-songwriter.

Still, Clarkson has plenty going on without being featured in the NBC singing competition. Before the decision came out that she wasn’t going to return to the show, there were rumors going around about who the next judge on the show was going to be. In fact, it turns out to be pretty closely related to the topic at hand here.

‘The Voice’ Fans Thought Kelly Clarkson and Keith Urban Would be Judging

When it comes to TV rumors, some things just fly around without any verification. That is just the world we live in. However, this rumor had something to do with who would be sitting in the big red chairs next season. At one point, fans thought that Kelly Clarkson and Keith Urban would be judging and coaching next season. Now, that would be something to see.

Basically, the idea was that Clarkson would return and that Urban was going to replace Blake Shelton. Everyone thought that the country music singer was going to call it quits. Now that Shelton has a wife and kids, he’s slowing down a bit. However, it turns out that it will be the other country music star that steps back.

So, next season, no Clarkson and no Urban. That’s what the reality is heading into The Voice later this year. Still, the show has gone through many iterations of judges and coaches. No matter what, fans tune into the show. Will they watch without Clarkson though?