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Watch: Kelly Clarkson Calls Out Kane Brown for Choosing ‘Wrong Team’ To Mentor on ‘The Voice’

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Kelly Clarkson took a jab at Kane Brown when he appeared on her daytime talk show after it was revealed recently that he would serve as a guest mentor for Blake Shelton’s team on The Voice.

Brown was appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss his upcoming projects when the host blindsided him at the top of the interview.

“Hey, buddy, quick question,” she said with a smile after the pleasantries. “What’s the deal with this picture? What’s happening? Are we breaking up?”

Clarkson showed the audience a photo of Brown and Shelton standing side by side. Brown said he would have been on team Kelly had she asked.

“I would’ve loved for you to have been team Kelly,” she said. “This is BS. Like that dude’s initial.”

Before turning to other matters Clarkson said she was thrilled Brown would be joining the show as a mentor.

“It’s the wrong team, but that’s totally fine,” she said getting in one more joke.

The Voice is a singing competition that features celebrity judges who select singers based on their voice alone. Celebrities choose four singers for their team then aid them through the competition until a final contestant is chosen as the winner. Each team brings in mentors to teach the contestants and give advice.

Kane Brown Loves His Team

Regardless of what Kelly Clarkson thinks, Brown is happy with where he ended up on the show.

He told Entertainment Tonight that being on Shelton’s team was a dream come true.

“My dream —  and nobody knows this — was to always try out for The Voice and be on Blake Shelton’s team,” Brown said. “I’m just so grateful to be here.”

Brown said he is a big fan of Shelton’s music and jumped at the chance to get to know the man better. He was disappointed.

“I knew Blake, but me and Blake never really had a chance to hang out,” Brown told Parade. “He lives in Oklahoma. When you’re touring, you don’t really get to know a lot of artists unless you go on tour with them. So, I never really got the chance to, but when I got here, he was so welcoming, super funny, and the cast was just talking about how they love working with him. I’ve always listened to his music. I used to cover his songs before I got in the industry, and he’s just a really great dude.”

Not unlike the contestants on The Voice, Brown came to fame in an unusual way. He was an amateur singer recording covers of country songs in his bedroom and uploading them to Facebook. The covers went viral.

“I see myself in their shoes even still today,” Brown said. “So, I love to encourage and give back and tell them how I came up. I know how nervous they are and I can help work out the nervousness. I just hope that they all succeed.”