WATCH: Kelly Clarkson Covers Kacey Musgraves Track ‘Rainbow’ on TV Show

by Joe Rutland

Country singer Kelly Clarkson has found a groove with her TV talk-show. She’s been taking some of her favorite songs and singing covers.

Friday, Clarkson performed Kacey Musgraves’ “Rainbow” while being right next to her musical director Jason Halbert. When Clarkson does her cover songs, they take place in the “Kellyoke” section of her show (a spin on the word “karaoke”).

The song was the fifth single released off of Musgraves’ third album “Golden Hour” in February 2019. Musgraves wrote it along with Natalie Hemby and Shane McAnally.

It won Music Video of the Year at the 53rd Annual Country Music Association Awards. Originally, Musgraves said the song was formed as an encouraging note to herself. But that all changed and the song, according to Musgraves, became “a message of hope for anyone in the midst of dark times.”

Take a look at Kelly Clarkson performing “Rainbow.”

Kelly Clarkson Performs ‘Since U Been Gone’ at 2005 VMAs

Back in 2005 before becoming the superstar she is today, Kelly Clarkson turned heads with her iconic performance at that year’s MTV Video Music Awards. 

Clarkson delivered a whirlwind performance when she sang her early-hit, “Since U Been Gone.” Arguably, the song can be categorized as one of the best breakup anthems of the early 2000s. 

Two years before the performance, Kelly Clarkson became the winner on the first season of “American Idol,” which earned her a record deal with RCA Records. 

At the VMAs, the 23-year-old took the world by storm when she snagged the awards for “Best Female Video” and “Best Pop Video” for “Since U Been Gone.” In addition, she also took the title of “Best Female Video” for her heartbreaking ballad “Because of You.” 

Clarkson Appears Like Old Pro During VMAs Appearance

Kelly Clarkson seems as if she’s an old pro during her VMA performance. Coming off her 2004 “Breakaway” tour, she effortlessly commands the crowd with her insanely high energy level and standout voice. Even though she’s sprinting around the stage, she’s able to belt out the lyrics powerfully as the crowd sings along. Rocking all black, Clarkson surprises the audience by drenching herself and the crowd with rain halfway into the performance. 

“Since U Been Gone” dropped in 2004 as apart of her second studio album, “Breakaway.”

The songwriters initially wrote the track for Pink, but she turned it down. Later, Hilary Duff was offered the song but rejected it because she couldn’t hit its higher notes. 

Finally, Clive Davis convinced the songwriters to give the track to Kelly Clarkson. She later decided to add heavier guitars and harder drums after noticing that the first version had a pop sound.