WATCH: Kelsea Ballerini Asks Fans to ‘Choose Your Player’ in Adorable ‘Hole in the Bottle’ Video

by Suzanne Halliburton

How’d you spend your Saturday? Kelsea Ballerini spent hers releasing a cute new Instagram video.

It’s based on a clip from her hit song, “Hole in the Bottle.” She remixed the song earlier this month, combining her talents with Shania Twain.

In the video posted Saturday, Ballerini posts “choose your player.” She’s standing in a doorway in the back of a long, well-lit hallway. Several pairs of shoes are lined up in front of her.

She hops over one pair of shoes. Then she’s shown in a different outfit. She hops again. The shoes disappear. Her outfit changes.

Kelsea Ballerini Twirls Some More With Precious Ending

The video shows seven outfit changes. The best is the seventh. She’s in her bathrobe and slippers, which were the final pair of shoes left in the hallway. Her hair is pulled back in a messy ponytail. She holds her big glass of red wine over her head and twirls.

Then, she calls for her dog, Dibs. And the two walk towards the camera.

Now, that’s a perfect way of spending a relaxing Saturday.

Also on Saturday, Ballerini tweeted how much she wanted to have a line dance to go with with her song. Hmmm.

Kelsea Ballerni Included Shania Twain in New Version, Says Twain Is Her Hero

The newer version of “Hole in the Bottle” features Twain, Ballerini’s hero. Ballerini said in a statement: “They say don’t meet your heroes, unless your hero is Shania Twain Then (you) meet her, know her, and make music with her. She’s inspired me in every way and has become a mentor and friend. And (Twain) added some major sass and spice to ‘Hole in the Bottle’ the way only Shania could.”

Twain said: “Kelsea and I have had some fun laughs together over the last couple of years! She joined me on stage back in 2017 when I headlined Stagecoach and we’ve had a chance to catch up over a glass of wine a couple of times since. We’ve also sent pieces of songs back and forth to each other and I have to say, she’s an incredible raw talent. I love ‘Hole in the Bottle,’ it really speaks to my own sense of humor and it was so cool to get to do it with a friend.”