WATCH: Kelsea Ballerini Reveals Her Favorite Dolly Parton Memory on Country Icon’s Birthday

by Chris Haney

Like many fans of the legendary Dolly Parton, country singer Kelsea Ballerini is sending birthday wishes and sharing her favorite memory of the country icon.

Today, Jan. 19 is Parton’s 75th birthday, and CMT has deemed it #DollyDay. As part of the country music network’s celebration of all things Dolly, Ballerini revealed her favorite memory of the singer. CMT posted a clip of Ballerini talking about Parton on their official Instagram account.

In the clip, Ballerini shared that her favorite moment stemmed from getting to interview Parton a little more than five years ago. She prepared numerous questions for the legend, which many focused on their common roots. Both of the female singers grew up in Eastern Tennessee. Therefore, Ballerini asked Parton about her music and songwriting and how the region influenced her. At the end of their conversation, Ballerini asked one more question that became her favorite Dolly moment.

“Dolly, how do you play guitar with your nails so long?” Ballerini asked Parton.

“Good. I play it real good,” Parton hilariously responded.

Ballerini laughs at the special moment the two country artists shared during the interview. In addition, she made sure to wish Dolly Parton a very happy birthday.

“So Dolly, I hope you have a ‘real good’ 75th birthday. You are everything to so many people. And I’m just sending you all the love and the light in the whole world. Happy Birthday!” Ballerini concluded.

Dolly Parton Wishes For Kindness on Her 75th Birthday

Dolly Parton made a request on her 75th birthday, but it’s not a typical birthday gift you may expect. This year, the country icon is asking her fans to spread kindness on her birthday.

Parton shared her birthday wish on her website and on social media. She said she wants all her fans to participate in some form of kindness today.

“Thank you for all of the love on my birthday 🦋 This year my wish is a call for kindness. We can’t just hope for a brighter day, we have to work for a brighter day. Love too often gets buried in a world of hurt and fear. We have to work to dig it out so we can share it with our family, our friends and our neighbors. So today, January 19th, let’s get to unearthing love,” she wrote on Instagram.

She shared more thoughts on her website. She asked her fans to donate to their favorite cause, call a friend, volunteer somewhere in need, or rescue a dog from a shelter. As she put it, the choices for kindness are limitless.

“If you want to donate to your favorite cause, then donate,” Parton wrote on her website. “Or if you want to give an old friend a call during these lonely times, give them a call. If you can safely volunteer, then raise your hand to do so. If you decide that today is the day you get a dog, then run down to the shelter and find your new buddy. The choices are limitless.”