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WATCH: Kenny Chesney Drops Detailed Behind the Scenes Footage From ‘Knowing You’

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by D Dipasupil/FilmMagic)

Here’s everything you need to know about how Kenny Chesney’s new music video for his song, “Knowing You.”

Country superstar Kenny Chesney is offering No Shoes Nation a behind-the-scenes look into his new music video for “Knowing You.” Kenny recently released a video detailing how the music video came to be.

“We had an absolute blast shooting the ‘Knowing You‘ video,” said Chesney. “This was the first one I’ve done in a while where it took us four or five days to really do a full-blown production shoot.”

Kenny said that he wanted to music video to be special because when he first heard the song, he knew there were parts of his own life in the lyrics.

“When I heard the song ‘Knowing You,” I knew there was a lot of my life in it,” said Chesney. “I knew that it wasn’t necessarily a heartbreak song but it was someone reflecting in a very positive way about someone who was very important in their life.”

So, Kenny Chesney came up with the idea for the video. He wanted the video to cut between two different times. The first time and place is where his character currently lives. And then the second location is the time and place where he’s remembering being with someone he once loved.

“He’s remembering when he was very happy. Where he was very alive and where he experienced a lot of life with the memory of this person,” said Chesney.

Kenny Chesney reveals behind-the-scenes details for his music video “Knowing You.”

Kenny Chesney Said This Unseasonable Moment Was The ‘Perfect Gift’ for His Music Video

So, what are these two locations that Kenny Chesney is talking about? Well, the video focuses on the music video’s first location, Gloucester, Massachusetts. This is where Kenny and the crew filmed the scenes where his character currently lives. Kenny revealed why he felt the location was perfect for the video.

“I love being in an atmosphere where you can walk on the dock, you can smell the ocean. You can smell the fresh fish and there’s just a hint of gasoline in the water. Those kind of places really make me happy. And if I was going to move forward in my life, from someone, that’s the kind of environment where I would want to do it. And that’s why I decided that I was going to be the character on this fishing boat. I really felt that’s where the character in this song would be.”

Kenny Chesney added that the music video gods gifted them with a perfect day while filming. In fact, when the team originally started filming, the shot footage of a sunrise over the water behind a lighthouse. The sky was perfectly clear when they shot the first few videos. However, when they started filming again with Kenny, Massachusetts was experiencing an unseasonably warm spell for the time of year. So, everything suddenly became covered in fog. Although the team had to shoot everything again, Kenny said that the weather was a gift.

“It created this beautiful, thick, marine layer of fog. I mean it was beautiful,” said Chesney “We couldn’t have been given a better gift for filming because it was so beautiful and dramatic.”