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WATCH: Kip Moore Drops Music Video for Fan-Favorite ‘Crazy One More Time’

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

It’s Friday and that means that country superstar Kip Moore dropped the music video for “Crazy One More Time,” a song he originally released on his debut album “Up All Night.” The song has been a fan favorite since it dropped in 2012. And a decade later, Moore recorded a new version, which will be released as a single for country radio in April.

While some people may be disappointed the music video doesn’t depict the actual story (I was really hoping to see the old truck, the girl in Kip’s favorite dress, the case of beer, etc.) the stripped-down version leaves us to imagine our own version of the love story.

What the music video does do, however, is give a look into Kip Moore’s raw performance of the song. Showing details of the recording process, his band and Moore’s guitar picking, it’s still an emotional look into what is arguably his most heartbreaking tune ever.

But you have to witness this for yourself. See the highly anticipated music video for “Crazy One More Time” below.

Kip Moore Speaks About Writing Song Ahead of Music Video

On creating the song originally, Kip Moore said he came up with the riffs before the lyrics hit him. But after a night of tossing and turning in sleep, Moore awoke and had the idea for a song about lost love and the yearning that still exists.

He spoke about the song and how it really resonates with people. With incredibly poignant lyrics, the tune is impossible to not leave you feeling touched.

“I’d had a dream about the song,” he says, “and all of a sudden, the lyric was there, and I woke up with the lyric at two o’clock in the morning and wrote it all out.”

The “”Beer Money” singer continues:

 “It’s about running back into someone that you haven’t seen in a years and you always had such a strong connection with and you’re right back in that place,” Moore explains. “The bond between you two will always be there.”

This is a notion we can all identify with. Losing someone or knowing that you’re better off without them doesn’t necessarily mean that there isn’t love there. And Kip Moore’s lyrics capture this perfectly.

“We’ll chase the moon, ride the stars/Find the muscle in this car
I know it’s still got something left/Yeah come on out, take my hand
Feel my heart, girl understand/I gotta thunder pounding in my chest
Hey yeah, can’t see you as nothing but mine/And girl tonight, let’s go crazy one more time,” the verse leads up to the chorus.

Perhaps the music video is better left as more of a live performance. This way, those that identify with the song can insert their own memories or pieces of nostalgia the tune evokes.