WATCH: Lady A Have Fun on CMA’s ‘Country Christmas’ with ‘Wonderful Christmastime’

by Jon D. B.

CMA’s Country Christmas is upon us! One of the absolute highlights of the show has been Lady A’s performances – especially of Paul McCartney’s ‘Wonderful Christmastime’.

As one of the most talented groups country music’s ever seen, CMA fans need no introduction for Lady A. Joining in the festivities for Country Christmas 2020, the trio is absolutely slaying their choice of Christmas classics. Of their renditions, however, one is standing out.

A modern classic, ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ is a joyful, synth’tastic pop anthem written by none other than the legendary Paul McCartney. The song’s unique synthesized tones have become a staple of Christmastime. As a result, fans of the hit know the song right away from it’s opening notes. For their own recording of the song for the 2020 holiday season, Lady A keeps all the classic elements intact. Now, thanks to CMA, they’re performing it for country fans live!

Doing the song justice for Country Christmas 2020, Lady A will surely be identified with this song for newer generations. Their rendition keeps the upbeat soul of the holiday single intact.

In addition, the trio’s country roots shine through in their harmonies and intonations. This might seem like a jarring choice for country music, but it absolutely works. Lady A brings just enough country to the song without trying to make it into something it’s not. Because of this, their rendition stands the test of time – and will for years to come.

As noted, Lady A fans will know that the band recorded their version of the classic earlier this year. Originally released in October, it’s great to hear them perform it live on such a heartwarming show. And don’t worry, we’ve got the full performance for you below courtesy of CMA!

Fans Adore Lady A’s Live Country Christmas Performances

CMA’s Twitter is lighting up on behalf of Lady A’s top-grade performances, as well. Posting a clip from their rendition of “Wonderful Christmastime”, CMA lauds “We’re simply having a wonderful Christmastime” watching @LadyA perform on #CMAchristmas on @ABCNetwork!” After a healthy bit of self promotion there (isn’t that what Twitter’s all about?) CMA urges fans to “turn [on the show] now for a night of festive performances!”

In addition, fans are absolutely loving the performance. With a limited audience during the COVID-19 pandemic, social media reactions will be the strongest way to gauge fan reactions.

If the top comments are to go by, however, this won’t be a concern for Lady A. “Loved their performance soo much,” says top commenter Danielle Getts.

Watch: Lady A Performs “Wonderful Christmastime” Live

Lady A is known for their flawless country harmonies. Moreover, they inject their performance with a ton of Christmas spirit, letting a few impromptu “woo!”s fly during their energetic performance.

Thankfully, CMA has released the full performance for fans, which we’ve got for you right here!

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