WATCH: Lady A Releases New Video for Song, ‘Christmas Through Your Eyes’

by Joe Rutland

Lady A joins a number of country music artists at this time of year in offering a taste of Christmas with their latest song, “Christmas Through Your Eyes.”

The song’s lyrics harken back to earlier times in the group members’ lives. They reflect a simpler time when sliding down a snow-filled driveway was fun and exciting.

Also, Lady A shares pictures from their youth throughout the just-released video.

Lady A Says Their Own Kids Were Influences For Song

Conversely, since Lady A first went into the studio to record their 2012 Christmas album, On This Winter’s Night, they’ve made one major life change.

All three members of the trio are now parents.

Having kids in the picture changes every aspect of their lives, but the holiday season transforms by the additions to their families.

Now that they’re readying a deluxe version of the record, with four additional new tracks, the bandmates agree that the biggest difference in the process then and now is being able to write a song for their children.

Band members Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood put together “Christmas Through Your Eyes,” according to an article on Taste of Country.

Haywood says it was only the three of them, in fact, who wrote the family-focused song.

“We wrote that [song] with just the three of us, which is really the way we started as a band, so that was a special moment,” he recently shared during a virtual media event.

“[It was] something that could only happen at this point in time in our lives, in our career. So it was a special day to write that, have that on the record, and have that be something stamped in history for, you know, our kids, really.”

Adds Kelley of the song’s inspiration, “When you see [your kids] and you see their excitement [about Christmas], you kind of can’t help but think of you at that age, and what you were feeling.”

Group Looks Back On Lessons From 2020

This year has been full of lessons for Lady A and they share their gratitude for them on Thanksgiving Day.

The country music artists were planning to attend the 2020 CMA Awards at the beginning of November.

However, everything changed a mere hour before the awards show took place. They announced they would no longer be in attendance.

“Taking a look back at last year’s CMA Awards and all the fun that we have every year getting to hang out with our country music family,” the group captioned two photos on Instagram. “Sadly, one of our immediate family members has just tested positive for COVID-19 this week.”

“So far, the three of us continue to test negative, and out of caution and love for everyone involved with the CMAs, we’ve decided to stay home from the awards tonight,” they added.