WATCH: Loretta Lynn & Willie Nelson Team Up for Amazing ‘Lay Me Down’ Duet in 2016

by Emily Morgan

For the first time in over thirty years, Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson joined forces for a duet of “Lay Me Down.” 

Written by Loretta Lynn’s son-in-law, Mark Marchetti, Lynn released the song on her 2016 album, Full Circle.

The two singers last shared the same stage at the 1985 Farm Aid. Since then, they have maintained a friendship that has lasted decades. However, “Lay Me Down” marked the first time the two country legends laid down a song together. Even though they never worked together, Lynn revealed that they crushed the recording on their first take and knew it would be a hit. 

“I am so proud to be able to sing a song with my friend, Willie. I love this song, ‘Lay Me Down,’ so much,” Lynn said at the time. “It had been 30 years since we’d last seen each other. Willie and I got to meet and talk about old times when we shot the music video in Nashville. Willie is one of those people that, even if you haven’t seen them for 30 years, you feel like it was just yesterday. We have a natural respect and love for each other.”

Even though Nelson had already turned into a global country music success, he felt honored to be collaborating with Lynn. “I’m excited to have a new record and video out with Ms. Loretta Lynn, who is one of the few remaining traditional country artists, and one of my favorite people. She’s an original!”

Loretta Lynn & Willie Nelson Deliver Duet We Didn’t Deserve But Always Needed

Lynn and Nelson debuted “Lay Me Down” to the world via music video in March of 2016. Directed by David McClister, in the video, Lynn and Nelson sing “Lay Me Down” alone in Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium’s backstage halls. While it’s a simple visual, it resonates a powerful sentiment. 

Of course, Lynn is donning one of her signature gowns, and Nelson is accompanied by his guitar, dubbed Trigger. 

The legendary pair came together on the stage in the final moments of the video. The moment culminates when the two sing together in an empty auditorium and not a crowded theater, a rarity for the two.

After all these decades, the two icons have shared a bond that’s done nothing but grow stronger. 

“I always loved Willie,” Loretta Lynn said during an interview. He’s always been a great guy, and he was always so nice to me. He wasn’t one of those guys hanging around just trying to go with you, or nothing like that. He was writing songs trying to make a living. . . Willie was a great songwriter when I met him, and it took him longer to realize he was a singer, too. He’s so good.”