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WATCH: Luke Bryan Calls ‘American Idol’ Contestant ‘One of the Best Sounding’ Country Artists He’s Seen

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)

Luke Bryan knows a good country artist when he hears one, and he told an “American Idol” contestant just as much in last night’s episode.

This isn’t the first time Luke Bryan has complimented an “American Idol” contestant this season. Just last month, he compared Huntergirl (Hunter Wolkonowski) to Miranda Lambert and predicted she’d go to the Top 10. He even called her his favorite female country voice in the five years he’s been judging “American Idol.”

But now, it looks like Hunter has competition in the country genre. Twenty-four-year-old Virginia native Daniel Marshall Griffith took the stage last night and really got the judges talking.

He performed Garth Brooks’ hit “The Dance” with a rich twist. Griffith confessed that he’d only started singing seriously in the last few months. This made the judges a bit uneasy, but also more impressed with his “natural talent.”

“Dan Marshall, you have that storytelling thing, man,” judge Lionel Richie said right after the performance. “There’s something you can’t teach and that’s called natural talent and your craft of who you are. I like what I just heard.”

Katy Perry followed that up by saying that Griffith just needs a bit of “support and guidance” to really hone his natural talent. Luke Bryan gave the “American Idol” contestant some advice and praise.

“First and foremost, you’re playing of the guitar may be taking your focus away from singing,” Bryan said. “Man, you’re one of the best-sounding country artists that have been through, but you’re not doing all of the emotion properly.”

Bryan added, “If I had 20 minutes out there to coach you, I could really show you some tricks.”

See Griffith’s performance for yourself in the video below.

Luke Bryan Declines Dance-Off Against ‘American Idol’ Contestant

Phenomenal country music auditions aside, Luke Bryan also had a hilarious moment in last night’s episode. Bryan posted a sneak peek of the episode that started off with Katy Perry saying, “Luke has had this love for Irish dancing for like 10 years.” No context or explanation given.

Bryan cut in to say, “I’m not Irish dancing.”

When the contestant started kicking his feet off on the audition floor, Perry said, “I think you guys should do a jig-off!”

Luke Bryan’s following comment is unexpected, hilarious, and totally worth watching the video below.

“Actually I’ve blown the a— out of my jeans and I’d like to stay right here,” he said. Lionel Richie and Katy Perry burst into laughter at his announcement.

Bryan even said it again in the caption to his Twitter post. “Blew my ass out on #AmericanIdol tonight. Just gonna sit this one out,” he said.

The fans absolutely loved his comment and self-deprecating nature about it.