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WATCH: Luke Bryan’s Elvis Presley Impersonation Absolutely Crushes

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Luke Bryan is gearing up for a Las Vegas residency. As a result, he has Elvis on his mind. After all, the Kind of Rock and Roll might as well have been the King of Sin City. His Vegas shows were the stuff of legend. There was something about the bright lights of the strip and Elvis’ over-the-top stage persona that made the two go together like peanut butter and bananas. Recently, Bryan shared his love of Elvis – and his Presley impression – with Katy Perry while co-hosting The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Check it out below.

Luke Bryan and his fellow American Idol judge were discussing their upcoming Las Vegas residencies. They had a little banter before Perry said, “It’s kind of a huge dream come true for you. You’re a huge fan of Elvis.” After Luke talked about his early love for the King, Katy Perry asked to see his Elvis impression.

Luke Bryan was all-too-eager to give Katy Perry what she asked for. In fact, by her reaction, he gave her all she wanted and then some. Luke sang a few bars of Elvis Presley’s version of “The Wonder of You” for Perry and the Ellen audience. He nailed Presley’s voice and mannerisms. However, Bryan didn’t get out of his chair and show the world his King-inspired dance moves. He’s no stranger to wiggling his hips on stage. So, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that the singer has some of Presley’s signature choreography in his back pocket. Maybe he’s saving those for his fans in Las Vegas.

Luke Bryan Loves Elvis Presley

Luke Bryan may be a country star but he loves the King of Rock and Roll. When Katy Perry mentioned the King, Luke couldn’t help but gush. It was a rare fanboy moment for the chart-topper. He told his American Idol co-star that he grew up on Elvis’ music. He took her and the audience on a trip down memory lane. “I had the Elvis 33. It was from Elvis at the Hilton and they did a live album. I was a kid, like, in my room listening to Elvis live from Las Vegas. That was, like, one of my primary records.”

After finishing his Elvis impression, Luke Bryan excitedly said that he “had to” do that song in Las Vegas. Katy Perry agreed. “Look, pay homage to Elvis, but not too much.” Bryan agreed “Not the other stuff. Just sing Elvis,” he clarified. Katy Perry replied, “Just the singing stuff.”

They don’t clarify what the “other stuff” is. However, Luke Bryan did say he’d “steer clear of the toilets,” in reference to Presley’s infamous passing in 1977. He died while sitting on the toilet at Graceland.