WATCH: Luke Bryan Gets Goofy ‘Happy Birthday’ Prank by Family, Friends on Stage

by Jonathan Howard

Luke Bryan got quite the surprise for his 45th birthday while playing a show in Bristow, VA. The country music star had no idea that his band and family were in on quite the prank. As Bryan was on stage about to go into another song, the video boards started to light up with…an interesting tribute video to the American Idol judge.

The screens lit up with dancing animals, Bob Ross petting a deer, Happy Birthday flashing and moving all around. As it all unfolded, Luke Bryan was met on stage with his show openers. The Proud to Be Right Here Tour opened up with Dylan Scott and Caylee Hammack who go in on the surprise. The show took place at Bristow’s Jiffy Lube Live and the venue seemed perfect for such an event.

As the opening acts came on stage they were joined by his wife Caroline, Bryan’s sons Bo and Tate, and of course his band members. The gifts they brought weren’t quite frankincense, gold, and myrrh but the trio of presents were very fitting. Bryan’s gifts included a lamp, fire extinguisher, potato chips…and Jockey underwear. Or, as Bryan himself put it, “more Jockey underwear,” as he and his wife have appeared in multiple commercials for the underwear brand.

Of course, being a 45-year old dad Luke Bryan had to try and embarrass his own kids real quick for their actions. “I think y’all just need to sing my ass Happy Birthday and let’s get this s–t over with!” Bo and Tate were not interested in starting the sing-a-long, which made their father go in further. “Y’all don’t wanna sing Happy Birthday to your dad? That’s horrible. After all [that] I’ve done for y’all?” The jokingly exasperated Bryan turned to the crowd who picked up the slack.

Luke Bryan Birthday Suprise

Now, Luke Bryan hasn’t been on the road nearly as much as he is used to. With the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down live music for over a year, it was clear he was having fun on stage. The fact his family is on tour with him has to make him even happier. Bryan played quite the show for his birthday.

During the show, Bryan pulled a young fan on stage. The fan, 7 years old, sang “Down to One” with the country star. Imagine being up on stage at such a young age! Bryan even helped a fan ask to be adopted recently. As for the pranks, fans of the Bryan family can probably expect more. During quarantine Caroline and Luke kept fans entertained on social media with their various picking and joking with one another. Caroline could be the master prankster and has gotten her husband pretty good on multiple occasions.

With that said, Caroline isn’t always trying to get her husband. Backstage during the birthday party, Luke was treated to a Fireball filled piñata. The birthday also included a tire-shaped birthday cake, courtesy of the Jiffy Lube Live team. Then Caroline showed off the traditional birthday dance that her husband did on the tour bus in his UNC Tarheels polo.