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WATCH: Luke Bryan Gets Punked by Runaway June in Hilarious Concert Moment

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Kevin Kane/Getty Images)

There is just something about Luke Bryan that makes folks want to prank him. Maybe because he is such a prankster himself. However, he got punked on stage by Runaway June in a prank that might have convinced a few fans out in the crowd.

Naomi Cooke, Jennifer Wayne, and Natalie Stoval really got their friend on stage real good. This joke was well thought out. As the group started to sing with Bryan on guitar, things got awkward. Naomi and Natalie started to argue on stage it seemed. Then, things got wild. Check out the video below.

Naomi posted the video and it was an absolute success. Luke Bryan and Dylan Scott stood around dumbfounded, witnessing what they thought was a Halloween nightmare. However, the whole thing was staged and ended with the ladies throwing around a bunch of feather pillows around. Bryan mentioned that he thought it was real. For a second, it looks like the crowd did as well.

In her post, Noami explained everything.

“Everyone knows pranking @lukebryan ain’t easy,” she wrote. “But last night we pranked him and @dylanscottcountry into thinking that Natalie and I were cat fighting over singing lead parts and the band was breaking up on stage in front of God an everybody. I legitimately thought we gave him a stroke. My voice is gone from screaming laughing all night. Got em’!!”

While Luke Bryan himself thinks he is a good prankster, this one was turned on him. Natalie and Naomi really sold the fight. I thought they were going to the ground for a second. However, things did not escalate and the trio is happily still together.

Luke Bryan Celebrates Halloween Patriotically

While he isn’t on stage, Luke Bryan is all about family. His wife, kids, and loved ones know this and fans see it too. So, when his mom, LeClaire Bryan posted a costume combo of the two of them, no one was surprised. Despite it being Halloween, the Bryans got out the red, white, and blue.

So it isn’t exactly spooky, but this costume looks fun. LeClaire posted a photo of her and her son with the caption, “A little preview of what’s to come for Halloween. We got this.” In the photo, you can see the two decked out in their best red white and blue outfits. Luke opted for an American Gladiator shirt while his mom went with a USA singlet. There’s a lot going on in the photo, so check it out for yourself.

This Halloween was almost too scary for Luke Bryan after seeing Runaway June break up in front of his eyes…or so he thought. Thankfully, it was just an innocent prank and not something more serious.