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Watch Luke Bryan Join Jordan Davis for ‘Buy Dirt’ Acoustic Video

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Jordan Davis has been climbing country music charts since he debuted with his single, “Singles You Up” in 2017. Several years later, the young country artist released his new hit song, “Buy Dirt,” featuring country music icon Luke Bryan.

The original track features a soft melody and simple values, Bryan’s hallmark voice emerging clearly amid the lyrics. Additionally, “Buy Dirt,” a heartfelt feel-good ballad embodies several classic country values. These include the importance of hard work, family, and love.

Now Luke Bryan has joined Jordan Davis for a new, acoustic version of the meaningful song. After hearing it, we’re sure you’ll be listening to it on loop all day.

As in the original version of “Buy Dirt,” Jordan Davis takes the lead. His rough, textured voice contributes a gentle vibrato as the acoustic guitar strums on. In between his and Luke Bryan’s parts, the guitar’s thrum acts as a transition between the two artists. Overall, it creates an emphasis on the unique styles of both Davis and Bryan.

Soon enough, Bryan takes the lead. His much smoother vocals put a new spin on the grit Davis lays out earlier in the ballad. And, true to the senior artist’s style, he hangs on to the last note of the line, “You can buy dirt,” a bit longer than Jordan Davis, marking the EP with his trademark style.

The pair easily transitions into their combined trade-off of lines, their distinct voices coming together at, “Throw a little money in the plate at church.” At that, we know Davis’s song will continue to take listeners by storm as it climbs country music charts.

Jordan Davis ‘Adds a Limb to His Family Tree’

Just as “Buy Dirt” goes, country artist Jordan Davis has added a new limb to his family tree with the arrival of his second child last month. Davis and his wife Kristin welcomed their infant son Locklan Joseph in early September and, following precious posts as a new dad of two, we can see the artist’s excitement at the baby boy’s arrival.

Davis takes the values of “Buy Dirt” and country music as a whole to heart in his post capturing the sweet baby boy.

“God is good,” Jordan Davis wrote beneath the photos. And of his wife, Davis gushed, “Kristin is the toughest person I’ve ever met and she did such an amazing job getting him here.”

The singer emphasized the health and wellbeing of the new baby boy as we’ll as his wife, sharing on Instagram, “Momma and baby are both doing great and I am so blessed to get to be Locklan and Eloise’s Dad.”

Now, Locklan approaches two months old and it appears he already enjoys time out with the boys. One of Jordan Davis’s posts captures the infant settled snug into his carry car seat, as Davis and the boys from Old Dominion spend a day in West Hollywood.

Good luck with these wild ones Locklan.