WATCH: Luke Bryan Rocks Stage, Celebrates American Famers in Epic ‘Farm Tour 2021’ Recap

by Keeli Parkey

Luke Bryan is known for bringing a lot of energy and enthusiasm to his live performances. Well, based on a video he recently shared on social media, he took the energy and enthusiasm up a notch for his most recent Farm Tour.

The “That’s My Kinda Night” singer shared some recap footage from this year’s concert events on Instagram on Friday, Sept. 24. In addition to the video, he added the caption: “Farm Tour 2021 Recap. This might’ve been the best one yet #FarmTour2021#HeresToTheFarmer.”

In addition to showing clips from the Farm Tour, the video also included footage of Luke Bryan talking about why the tour is important to him. This year marked the 12th time he has participated in the Farm Tour. The 2021 tour is extra special to him because of the time he spent away from touring due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are at the 12th Farm Tour. And I tell you what, this year’s been probably my favorite Farm Tour. Obviously, after coming out of COVID, not performing shows for a year and a half, to get out here on the farm and to see all these fans’ excitement has been pretty amazing,” Luke Bryan said in the recap video.

Bryan also gave viewers of the recap video an idea of what it was like to be on one of the farms during a tour stop. “We’re out here in Ohio today. And literally, there’s like soybean fields here, cornfields here. Somebody’s actually harvesting something right here,” he said as he pointed across the landscape.

Luke Bryan Said Farm Tour Give Fans a Chance to ‘Celebrate the American Farmer’

Luke Bryan also talks about how farmers are important to the nation and the world. “Farm Tour is so special for us because it kind of brings me back to my roots, growing up in a farming family and,” he said. “This year, more than ever, we really want to continue to celebrate the American farmer for what they do for us, what they do in feeding the world and feeding Americans.

“The Farm Tour has always been about that. I get on stage every night at Farm Tour having a blast, knowing that maybe when we leave these shows that fans can really, really appreciate the American farmer even more,” he said.

According to his website, the six stops Luke Bryan made during the Farm Tour 2021 were in: Marshall, Wisconsin, at Staz Bros. Farm; Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at Brown Farms; Chillicothe, Illinois, at Three Sisters Park; Kingman, Indiana, at Martin Farms; Baltimore, Ohio, at Miller Family Farms; and Fowlerville, Michigan, at Kubiak Family Farms. The tour took place between Sept. 9 and Sept. 18.

Never fear Luke Bryan fans! The “Country Girl (Shake It For Me)” singer has more tour stops on his calendar. He will resume touring on Sept. 30.