Watch: Luke Bryan Says He ‘Hopes You’re With Your Family’ in Thanksgiving Day Message

by Atlanta Northcutt

Luke Bryan is no stranger to Thanksgiving celebrations. However, this year, he and his family will be lying back, relaxing, and celebrating together in Georgia.

Bryan posted a video to Instagram of himself sitting in a rocking chair while wearing a ball cap and sunglasses and holding a can of his personal label beer. Behind Bryan is a picturesque scene of a riverbank behind him, forestry as far as the eye can see and the sun shining down.

Luke Bryan Posts Positive Video to Instagram

“What a crazy year we’ve had,” says Luke Bryan at the beginning of the video.

Although, the year has in fact been crazy, he is encouraging fans to make the most of the holiday.

“2020 has just been really challenging, certainly, for everybody involved. Just letting you guys know to have a happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving,” he says. “Hope you’re with your family, and I hope you could just make the most out of this Thanksgiving.”

Of course, Luke added a plug for his new beer Two Lane American Golden Lager.

“When I’m down here on the Flint River, I kind of make the most out of it with a Two Lane,” Bryan concludes. “We love y’all. Happy Thanksgiving.” 

Continuing to Give Thanks During a Crazy Year

The country music star and “American Idol” judge is choosing to see the silver-lining during these hard times.

During a recent interview with ABC News, Bryan calls the time he’s been able to share with his wife and kids as a “pretty special” thing during a turbulent time.

“I think these times have made everybody truly reflect on what’s truly important, so I think we’ll all come out of this understanding,” he said.

Bryan recalled a recent conversation with a friend that he said, “helped him spiritually and emotionally.”

“It’s certainly been a lot to learn,” Luke added, “but I think we’ll come out the other end of it.”

The ‘New Normal’ Thanksgiving?

Oh, how times have changed. It was just five years ago when Bryan was performing in the 2015 Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Halftime Special. Today, he is wishing fans a happy and healthy Thanksgiving and endorsing his beer via Instagram.

However, as Bryan said during his interview with ABC News, much has been learned on having Thanksgiving amidst the pandemic, but we’re making it “out the other end of it.”