WATCH: Luke Bryan Singing ‘Roller Coaster’ Before a Packed Stadium Will Have You Pumped Up

by Leanne Stahulak

Country superstar Luke Bryan kicked off his return to his “Proud To Be Right Here Tour” in San Diego last night with an epic performance.

Bryan wrapped up the Farm Tour last weekend, performing in crowded farmer’s fields all across the Midwest. Now, he’s back to touring for his latest album, “Born Here Live Here Die Here.” And the fans turned out in force to see Bryan in person last night.

The country star posted a snippet of his performance at North Island Credit Union Amphitheater in San Diego on Twitter. The video’s taken from behind Luke Bryan, showing the masses of adoring fans out there in the audience. As he sings his hit song “Roller Coaster,” the crowd sings along, with Bryan encouraging them. The energy is high in the stadium, and Bryan clearly feeds off it as he sings. He even says as much in his caption to the video.

“Holding on to this feeling San Diego! #ProudToBeRightHereTour,” Bryan wrote.

Next, Luke Bryan will hit up Phoneix, Arizona, tonight. Then he’ll make a few stops in Oregon before finishing out the tour up and down the California coast. He’ll also make up a rescheduled performance in Brandon, Missouri, in late October and stop into the Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this November.

Luke Bryan’s Emotional Single ‘Songs You Never Heard’

Even in the middle of touring, Luke Bryan still has time to release some new music, though. Earlier in August, the country star released a single called, “Songs You Never Heard,” dedicated to his late brother Chris.

The song’s title is emotional enough, referencing how Bryan’s brother died in a tragic car accident 25 years ago. It brings up memories that Bryan shared with his brother before his passing and lists some of the great country songs Chris never got to hear. Country hits like Alan Jackson’s “Little Bitty,” Jamey Johnson’s “In Color,” and George Strait’s “Run” all make appearances in the song.

Right from the get-go, Luke Bryan sucker punches you with the opening lines. “I heard ‘Run’ on the radio yesterday/Got me thinking ’bout how much you love George Strait/But by the time the airways ever played that song/You were already gone/You were already home.

Bryan’s shared before that his brother Chris was a huge country fan. He even revealed that “I’ve written songs through the years that really talk about me losing my brother, but I don’t think any of them is as good as how this one describes who he was.” Just by listening to it, we can gain an understanding of who Chris was as a person, and who he could’ve been if he’d had the chance to listen to all of these great songs.