WATCH: Luke Bryan Soaking Up Holiday with Family Ziplining on Tropical Vacation

by Matthew Wilson

Luke Bryan and his family are closing out the year in style. They’re soaking in the sun in the Tropics and also enjoy a little pulse-pounding zip-lining adventure.

While Luke himself wasn’t in the picture or video, the rest of the Bryan clan seem to be enjoying themselves. Surely, they didn’t leave the country singer. Perhaps, Bryan is just off-screen for his mother’s Instagram post or perhaps he got tangled up with prior commitments. “American Idol” and a solo country music career takes up a lot of the artist’s time.

Luke’s mother LeClaire posted a video of the Bryan family on a zip-lining adventure. Bryan’s wife Caroline, their children Bo and Tate, and even Luke’s nieces and nephew were on the tropical vacation.

On Instagram, she wrote, “Not sure where I am, but I ain’t coming home. Just me and the family alone for 5 days.”

Luke Bryan Enjoys His Downtime

Luke Bryan and his family enjoy their downtime together. This isn’t the first vacation to some tropical destination. They enjoy the beach and sun as much as the next person.

Caroline will also celebrate her 41st birthday on Dec. 31st, making the vacation that much more special. Last year, the Bryans celebrated her 40th birthday with a lavish tropical vacation. Perhaps, it is becoming a yearly birthday tradition for the family and couple.

Besides his music and “American Idol,” Bryan certainly got more downtime this year than he initially anticipated. Like most of country music, Bryan canceled his tours due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, he spent that downtime with his family, going out hunting with his two sons. It’s a passion that’s been passed from generation to generation in his family. He’s also participated in a prank war, most noticeably with Tim Tebow.