WATCH: Luke Bryan Surprises Wife with Family Wake-Up Call on Her Birthday

by Matthew Wilson

And people say that romance is dead. Luke Bryan gives his wife Caroline a pleasant surprise with a birthday jam session while in bed.

Bryan, along with his sons, surprised Caroline while she was still asleep. They played a jamming birthday song while dancing to get her birthday started the right way. Bryan also started flipping the lights on and off to properly set the move. Bryan got additional help from his mother LeClaire.

On Instagram, Bryan wrote, “41 years looking so fine in the morntin. I love you to the moon and back. She gets the birthday song.”

His wife commented that it was the, “best wakeup call ever.” The wake-up jam session has become something of a tradition for the Bryans. Caroline and Bryan have woke up their sons in similar fashions on their birthdays in the past. Caroline turns 41-years-old today. Currently, the family is off celebrating in some undisclosed tropical location.

Luke Bryan is Known for His Pranks

Caroline is probably thankful that it was a pleasant surprise rather than one of the country singer’s pranks. The couple can be brutal to each other at times with their prank wars. Caroline also makes Bryan wear the most ridiculous Halloween costumes every year.

In the past, Bryan has blared an airhorn while Caroline was riding a bike. She got revenge by screaming at him and scaring him on more than one occasion. The pranks stretch all the way back to their college days.

“I Vaseline-d her windshield and door handle of her car,” he told Taste of Country. “Imagine you’re late to class, and you stick your hand under the handle, and you get Vaseline. And then get in your car. A Vaseline-d windshield is a nightmare. Like, it’s a nightmare. Her retaliation was she broke into my dorm room. It was not pretty.”