WATCH: Luke Bryan Takes His Mom for a Hilarious Helicopter Ride

by Katie Maloney

Luke Bryan, the family man, country music superstar and…helicopter pilot?

That’s right, Luke Bryan officially owns and can operate a helicopter. He’s never flown alone, and he says that he never plans to do so. But he does fly with a trained pilot with 20 plus years of experience. Oftentimes, Bryan likes to take family members up in the air for a fun flight. Most recently, Luke Bryan brought his mom, LeClaire, along for a ride. And the results were hilarious. LeClaire shared a video of the experience on Instagram. During the video, LeClaire sits alongside Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline Boyer.

Caroline announces “We’re about to take off.”

LeClaire says “I think it’s cracking up.”

Caroline jokingly responds, “Cracking? Do you mean cranking? I hope it’s not cracking up.”

A concerned LeClaire doesn’t even crack a smile as the helicopter takes off. However, her humor returned when she captioned the video. Along with the video of her looking scared as the helicopter took off, LeClaire hilariously wrote, “My first helicopter ride. Luke’s flying us. Real pilot also here. Damn I shoulda went shopping.”

During a recent interview, Luke Bryan talked about taking his mother along for a ride. He said that, although she enjoyed the trip, she’s still a little apprehensive about his newfound hobby.

“Obviously, when you call your mother and say ‘Hey, I’m in a helicopter these days,’ most mothers won’t like that but once she got in there and got comfortable,” said Bryan.

However, he added that knowledge is the key to relieving anxiety. And that’s actually why he decided to take on flying as his hobby.

Here’s Why Luke Bryan Got His Pilot’s License

The past year was hard on everyone. Some people took up bread-making, others turned to puzzles. Luke Bryan bought a helicopter and decided to become a pilot. During the same interview, Bryan shared why he decided to take up helicoptering as a hobby.

“I think with anything, your lack of knowledge of something gives you anxiety,” said Bryan. “I think that was a big reason why I wanted to learn, and if I’m looking at all these gauges and I know everything is going smoothly, you know it’s just something fun.”

Bryan added that his new hobby was also fueled by a little jealousy of his country music friend Dierks Bentley.

“I’ve always had a little envy of Dierks Bentley,” added Bryan. “Dierks and I have this intellectual competition going on where he can’t out-intellect me. Dierks is like savant smart so, I like to try and challenge my goofy savant smartness against his. So we’re both aviators now and he can’t one-up me in the aviator game.”