WATCH: Luke Combs Debuts New Song Inspired by Fan’s Hilarious Wedding Day Beer-Drinking Photo

by Chris Haney

Twitter users often message their favorite celebrities and musicians in hopes of receiving a reply. It’s the closest many fans will ever get to some of their heroes. However, one fan of country star Luke Combs recently received a lot more than just a response from his favorite musician.

On Monday morning, a fan named Billy McKee tweeted at both Combs and Miller Lite. McKee had just got hitched over the weekend and shared a celebratory photo from the wedding festivities. The pic consisted of McKee and his eight groomsmen suited up and drinking Miller Lite beer. In addition, McKee himself hilariously wore the Miller Lite’s cardboard box on his head while he kneeled and had a drink amongst his groomsmen.

“Man [Miller Lite] and [Luke Combs] if you guys don’t reply back to this photo I don’t know even know what to say!! This was my wedding this Saturday March 27th!” McKee tweeted, tagging the country singer and beer company.

The fan was simply looking for Combs to tweet him back or maybe even share the amusing wedding photo. Yet McKee and the rest of Combs’ fans were instead blessed with a brand new song. And everyone has the newlywed to thank for the song’s inspiration.

Luke Combs Shares Video of New Song ‘We Still Drink Beer’

By Monday afternoon, Combs and his two friends, Dan and Reid Isbell, had seen McKee’s post. The country singer was already in the middle of a writing session while working on new music for his third album. Not long after, the trio had written “We Still Drink Beer,” an ode of sorts to McKee and his groomsmen. In fact, McKee even gets a shout out in the live clip as Combs and Co. affectionately call him “beer box head guy.”

“We Still Drink Beer” is a classic, unapologetically fun and boozy tribute to Luke Combs’ drink of choice – beer. As the song conveys, Combs and others like him don’t need much of an excuse to crack open a cold one. As the chorus says:

We’d still drink beer, We’d still get loud

We’d still turn ’em up, catch us a buzz while the sun goes down

‘Til every last drop in the world is gone or the good Lord calls us home

Long as we’re down here, We still drink beer

Luke Combs made sure to tag McKee in the clip, and of course Miller Lite as well. It’s safe to say the country star likely gave the groom his best wedding present yet.

There’s no word on whether or not “We Still Drink Beer” will make Combs’ upcoming album. But the singer did recently share a brand new track off his third album just last week. Per his fans’ requests, Combs shared a sneak peek of “See Me Now” with a short solo performance that he posted on Twitter.