WATCH: Luke Combs Explains How He Developed the ‘Drive’ to Be Successful

by Jennifer Shea

Country star Luke Combs gave an interview to AXS TV this week in which he talked about how he found success as a country musician.

Combs was asked about the ride he’d been on so far, and at first he basically deflected, offering a humble answer.

“It’s been pretty crazy. Woulda never imagined it, woulda never imagined anything like this happening to me,” Combs said. “I just got lucky, I guess. Right place, right time. Right songs that I, you know, happened to write. I’m just enjoying the ride so far.”

Luke Combs Talks About His Success

But the interviewer pressed him a bit, pointing out that successful people often say that. But there’s usually a reason they found success, he suggested.

“I think it was, you know, I did a lot of things when I was younger, whether that was, you know, I played football in high school, wasn’t very good at that,” Combs said. “I tried to do a lot of things in my life. And I had been singing ever since I was a little kid, as long as I can remember. Since I could talk, really, I was just singing. [It was] something that I just kind of enjoyed to do and felt like I was pretty good at, and it made me happy to do that.” 

“So I just kept doing that, for a long time,” he continued. “I picked up the guitar at 21 years old, and I’d been singing my whole life. Those two things kinda met, and that was it. I realized that this was the thing that I felt like I was meant to do, that I felt like I wanted to do.” 

High Demand for Combs’ Music in 2020

Combs had a successful 2020 in spite of the pandemic. Along with Morgan Wallen, he led a surge in country music streaming during the past year. 

And as Combs himself recently told his fans, his band and crew were able to make it through 2020 because he kept them on payroll – which he could do because fans just kept buying his music. 

“There’s so many guys behind the scenes that make so many different things possible,” Combs said in a video posted to social media on New Year’s Day. “The No. 1 thing that makes all of this go ’round is you guys: the fans. And so my guys you usually don’t hear from — not just the band but the crew, essentially everybody that I’ve had on payroll for the last year — just wanted to tell you guys… thank you for giving them the opportunity to survive and provide for their families this year.” 

That’s not to say Combs has enjoyed the pandemic. In fact, he recently posted to Instagram about how much he misses the road and misses his band. We’ll see if 2021 brings more opportunities for him to get the band back together and play for fans. 

Watch the interview here: