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Watch Luke Combs Perform New Track ‘Doin’ This’ on Tour

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Ten short years ago, Luke Combs came up with the inspiration for his new song, “Doing This,” and now he’s performing it on tour.

The country star dropped a live tour version of his new song on Twitter recently. It’s a song that he lived in real life. He’s gone from working at a dead-end bar bouncer job to performing at the bar to finally getting out of town in his beat-up Dodge Neon and heading for Nashville.

The song relates that the North Carolina native would still be in Boone doing his thing if he wasn’t performing on stage.  

Combs’ Lyrics True To Form

The recent CMA Entertainer of the Year has come a long way since Boone, N.C. There, the former Appalachian State student bounced and performed at Town Tavern. He lived above the establishment at 208 Faculty Street and has joked that Apartment 3 is where “the dreams came true.”

Town Tavern owner Justin Davis recently talked about Luke Combs. He said he knew Combs’s destiny was country stardom. 

Town Tavern couldn’t play too loud or past a specific time for fear of noise complaints. But a determined Combs wore him down. Eventually, he gave in, and Combs made a name for himself in that tiny little bar, singing cover songs while living off the tip jar and bouncing. 

And Davis was able to keep his tavern going with Luke Combs’ popularity despite the noise ordinance fines.

So, when Combs sings “I’d still be doin’ this if I wasn’t doin’ this” in his new song – he knows it’s true because he already did it.

And it was all for broke for the “Hurricane” singer. According to CMT, Combs said he never had a Plan B in life and would’ve probably ended up homeless.

‘Doing This’ Inspiration

Combs, along with “Forever Afterall” collaborators Drew Parker and Robert Williford, struggled with song ideas when Combs came up with his song.

Combs and crew were sitting in his man cave and talking on the back porch when he thought about the standard interview questions he gets. One of the questions stood out as he’s often asked where he’d be if it weren’t for becoming a country music star.

“Once I decided that this is what I was going to do, it was at this level or at the level that I was at when I started,” Combs said. “I would be chasing this (entertainer of the year trophy) if I wasn’t holding it in my hand right now. I’ll always be doing that.”

Combs knows his music and lyrics connect with lots of fans. Some of it is inspiring and is a soundtrack to their lives. He thinks it’s pretty cool to write a song that connects with people his age.