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WATCH: Luke Combs Reveals What Leads His ‘Drive to Succeed’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Country singer Luke Combs recently sat down with Dan Rather to discuss his life before and after becoming one of country music’s biggest stars.

AXS’s The Big Interview with Dan Rather featured Combs in an interview titled “Luke Combs: From $1 Tix to Sold Out Arena Tours.” On Thursday, the channel shared a clip of the virtual interview on their YouTube page. Rather asks Combs about his already prolific but young career. The veteran interviewer mentions the old saying that success is when preparation meets opportunity. He then asks the country musician where his drive to succeed comes from.

Combs said that he tried his hand at numerous different hobbies while growing up. He wasn’t successful at many of them, including playing football in high school. He sang from an early age though, and that stuck with him as he got older. The singer started to learn to play guitar at age 21, and never looked back.

“I picked up the guitar at 21 years old and had been singing my whole life. Those two things kinda met and that was it, I realized that this was the thing I was meant to do,” Combs said.

While in college, he played his first show. He charged $1 per ticket and made $200 that night. Combs said the ticket sales exceeded the money he made for the entire week at both his jobs. It was enough to convince the singer to focus on music full-time.

“If I can do something that I love to do, and people want to show up, and I can get paid for it, then that’s pretty solid. Once I figured that out, there was no stopping me,” Combs explained.

Luke Combs Talks About Personal Growth

Rather continues the pair’s conversation by asking Luke Combs if it feels like he was playing in bars just yesterday, or does that feel like forever ago. Combs says it’s a bit of both since he’s experienced a lot in recent years. He’s toured Australia, been all over Europe, and played sold-out shows in all 50 American states. However, he also remembers that he didn’t fly in an airplane until he was 25 – only five years ago.

“It feels like both of those things at the same time,” Combs said. “Feels like it was six months ago we were (playing bars). But it also feels like it’s been 10 lifetimes since then, because I’ve done so much. I’ve grown so much as a human being and as a man since then. I’ve learned a lot about the world.”

Combs acknowledges that his life has been fairly insane since he hit it big with his music career. Yet, the country star hopes he hasn’t changed much in recent years because of the fame and fortune.

“It’s been insane the amount of things that have changed in my life since then. I like to think I’m pretty much the same guy that I was back then. Pretty level headed, pretty easy to get along with, pretty agreeable guy. But I just love to go out and sing and have a good time and make people happy. And I’m just lucky that people love to watch me do that,” Combs concluded.