WATCH: Luke Combs Sends Thankful New Years Message on Behalf of He and His Team

by Jon D. B.

What a guy – Luke Combs is getting his phenomenal road crew some much-deserved face time in his thoughtful New Year’s Day “thank you”.

Besides his undeniable talent, Luke Combs has shown the world his other defining quality: an enormous heart. Few as humble and down-to-earth as Combs make it to superstardom, and Outsider, for one, is happy to see his career continue to thrive.

Today, the singer/songwriter is showing that huge heart again with a thoughtful – and rare – New Year’s Day message to fans. While many stars are content to feature just themselves, Combs is eager to get his crew in on the fun. Whether through lighting design, instrument tech, stage management, sound engineering, you name it – a hundred skillful hands make each musician look and sound the way they do on stage. Without them, there is no Luke Combs as we know him in concert.

As such, Combs brings in his team to speak alongside him in a big, loving “thank you” video to all their fans.

“As we head into 2021, me & my crew want to say thank you,” Combs addresses the video in his latest Tweet. “Most of the guys in this video are behind the scenes, but your support means the world to them,” he adds in reference to his road crew – the gents who make it all happen. “When you support me, it goes a lot further than you may realize. I love & miss you guys & can’t wait to be back on the road.”

Fans can’t wait to have you back on the road either, brother. Give the video a watch below, and meet some of the faces that make it all happen alongside Luke Combs.

Watch Luke Combs & His Crew Rock “Tennessee Whiskey”

“I don’t need to tell you guys how crazy of a year last year was,” the country star recalls in the New Year’s video. Too true. So instead, let’s take a look back at what Combs & Co. are capable of in the bygone era of – gasp – live music.

If you’re tired of hearing “Tennessee Whiskey” covers, however, give this last one a shot. Luke Combs gravels his way through a killer Ryman rendition of the country classic, and his crew’s magic is on full display.

Just about one of the only voices left that could warrant another cover of “Tennessee Whiskey” is Combs. The unlikely country megastar has proven his talent time and time again, with a soulful, heavy gravel that feels decades beyond his lifespan.

Armed with this unique timbre, Combs delivered a knock-out, drag-down rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey” himself during one of his 2018 performances at the Mother Church of Country Music: The Ryman Auditorium.

Check out the performance as a part of our Country Throwback series as Luke Combs Crushes ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ in 2018 Ryman Concert.