WATCH: Luke Combs Tears Up in Moment He’ll ‘Never Forget’ From Wedding Day

by Katie Maloney

Country superstar Luke Combs just raised the bar for men everywhere with his latest post about his wedding day.

Who isn’t looking for happily ever after? We certainly are. But with all the relationship bitterness going around these days, it can be hard to believe that happily ever after is possible. Well, country star Luke Combs is restoring that hope for everyone. He recently shared a tear-jerking video on Twitter. The video featured clips from Combs’s wedding with his wife Nicole. During the video, Combs even cries as he watches Nicole walk down the aisle.

Along with the video, Combs wrote, “a moment I’ll never forget…@nicolecombs”

Somebody, please pass the tissues because Luke Combs has us deep in all the feels!

Luke Combs’s Music Video For ‘Forever After All’ Features Clips From His Wedding Day

“Forever After All” is about being told your entire life that love doesn’t last, but then meeting someone who makes you believe differently. During the song, Combs sings, “They say nothing lasts forever. But they ain’t seen us together. Or the way the moonlight dances in your eyes. Just a t-shirt in the kitchen. With no make-up and a million other things that I could look at my whole life. A love like that makes a man have second thoughts. Maybe some things last forever after all.”

As if sharing a heartwarming video montage on Twitter From his wedding day wasn’t enough, Luke Combs also released a music video for his song “Forever After All.” The video opens with the voice of a little girl asking, “Grandpa, are fairy tales real?” Then grandpa gets out the photo album and starts showing his granddaughter the family’s history of love. Where are those tissues, y’all?!

But the beauty doesn’t stop there. The video also features clips of Luke Combs and Nicole’s wedding day. During an interview, Combs shared the meaning behind the song.

“It’s the first song that I wrote in me and my wife’s house together in Tennessee,” said Combs. “And I felt like we were taking the next step in our relationship and I wanted to get that down on paper.”

During another interview, Luke Combs added that the song is a “continuance of the love story” fans have heard in his previous songs.

“It’s one of those songs that we’ve been trying to hold back from a long time and not play. And we knew how much we loved it and how much we thought people would like it. So I’m glad that everyone’s finally going to get a chance to hear it,” said Combs. “And it’s just a continuance of the love story that all of you have heard in ‘Beautiful Crazy’ and ‘Better Together.’ So, you all enjoy it.”