WATCH: Luke Combs Tells ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin How an Eric Church CD Inspired His Career

by Will Shepard

Country superstar Luke Combs joins Steve Austin for the first episode of “Straight Up Steve Austin.” This coming Monday, January 11 is the premiere of season two of the show.

Luke Combs and “Stonecold” Steven Austin rip around in an ATV during a promotion for the season. During the short clip, the two talk about Combs’ musical influences.

Combs attributes his success to an Eric Church CD he would listen to all the time when he was first getting into music. During the ride, Austin asks him about the influence that Eric Church has on Combs’ music. To which Combs has the perfect response that details his start in music.

“I think the reason that you know, myself and my parents stopped listening to country music was because it wasn’t as relatable. A lot of guys got heavy into the beach. It was getting more ‘poppy sounding’ at the time and not to say that I’m real haggard, because I’m not. I’m not claiming to be that either.”

So, as Luke Combs continues the story about Church being his inspiration, you can know exactly why he sings the way he does. Combs embodies classic country music, and you can thank an Eric Church CD.

“When I got to Appalachian State, a guy that lived on my floor brought in an Eric Church CD. And he said, ‘Hey, this guy went to college here, you should check him out.’ Once I heard Eric and was like, this is something I can relate to. If he can do that, and if he’s from here and I’m from here, I can do that. And that’s kind of where the fire caught a spark.”

“Stonecold” Steve Austin’s Show with Luke Combs

Austin describes the show as being unique and interesting with guests like Luke Combs. In the show’s description, it tells viewers exactly what to expect out of each episode.

“‘Straight Up Steve Austin‘ is a unique interview show hosted by retired WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. In each episode, Austin and a celebrity guest swap stories about their lives and careers during one-of-a-kind custom-tailored adventures in different cities across America.”

In this unique interview format for a show, there isn’t a studio, nor is there a script. Whatever conversation happens is what the show rolls with. It makes for a riveting, authentic show full of laughs. Luke Combs makes an excellent addition to the show.