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Country Throwback: Watch Mac Davis Recall Going to the Movies With Elvis

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Ebet Roberts/Redferns

In this country throwback, singer and songwriter Mac Davis remembered the time he went to the movies with Elvis Presley. Davis wrote a couple of Presley’s songs including the iconic “In the Ghetto.” Davis passed away on Sept. 29 following heart surgery.

Speaking on The Music Row Show, Davis discussed his trip with Presley. Davis had been performing a show in West Memphis when Presley extended the invite.

“Elvis’ guy called up and he wants you to come see a movie with him after the show tonight. He rented the Memphian Theater,” Davis recalled. “I was like, ‘Oh my god, oh really, man.’ Because I heard all my life about these theater things. He would rent the whole theater and free popcorn and beer. I had met him before that, but I never really ever got to go out and boogie with Elvis.”

Mac Davis sat beside Elvis Presley during the movie.

Davis said he arrived late to the film. He saw Presley and his girlfriend Linda Thompson sitting in a row by themselves. Davis decided to sit on the other side of Thompson.

“It was the first time I was able to really sit and talk to him,” Davis said. “Because the rest of the time you would be around him and the Memphis Mafia just surrounded him. It was really intimidating. Because they would hang on every word, and you’d be afraid you would say the wrong thing or something. They really didn’t want you to be that close to Elvis, to be part of that inner circle.”

Davis said he felt like part of the inner circle. He and Presley laughed and made fun of the movie the whole time. But after the film, one of Presley’s entourage confronted Davis in the bathroom. They told him, “Mr. Davis, you’re not supposed to sit on the same row as Elvis. That’s the rule.”

Davis felt insulted by the exchange and angrily tried to leave. Presley asked Davis why he was upset.

“I was just told I couldn’t sit on the same row as you,” Davis told Presley. “It made me feel like a fool.”

To make it up to Davis, Presley gave him his home phone number. Though they met up several times in the years before Presley’s death, Davis never called the number.

“I kept his phone number in my phone book for years after he passed away,” Davis said. “Just to have it.”

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